Friday, 19 September 2008

The Dimentox Violation

Dimentox Travanti looks deep in to Blue's eyes. Dimentox Travanti starts to fade.

Skitzo Rolls takes a seat.

Blueray Darkes flares up fire around herself, "Bastard".

Skitzo Rolls: Do we really need to do this now Dime?

Dimentox Travanti: Come to Dimmy...

Skitzo Rolls looks over. Skitzo Rolls: Blue?

Dimentox Travanti turns in to dust and attempts to possess Blue.

Skitzo Rolls looks over at Blue "Blue!"

Blueray Darkes's fire flares up surrounding her to block him, she hadn't set up barriers from the first time since the way he used to get in was unknown. "... ".

Dimentox Travanti the mist surrounds her poking and proding her soul. Dimentox Travanti Whispers " Little pig little pig let me in"

Skitzo Rolls takes a breath as he looks over the sea slowly begins to toy with a bullet.

Blueray Darkes's essence is poked it relents to let him in, her fire dies down to nothing.

Dimentox Travanti fades into Blue.

Skitzo Rolls shakes his head.

Blueray Darkes tilts her head trying to figure out the path used, she frowns slightly searching inside her innerbeing. "Get out".

Dimentox Travanti says in Blue's voice *no*

Skitzo Rolls pulls out his gun. Skitzo Rolls slowly starts to load it.

Blueray Darkes: You deny me? What do you intend to inside my own body?

Dimentox Travanti Says in Blue's voice *watch* Dimentox Travanti takes complete control of Blue.

Skitzo Rolls shakes his head. Skitzo Rolls looks over.

Blueray Darkes becomes a lifeless doll waiting for Dime's orders to her body.

Skitzo Rolls shrugs as he goes back to his gun placing it back in its holster. Skitzo Rolls looks at Blue as he sings to himself holding a bullet "My heart is tired of beating slow". Skitzo Rolls walks over to Blue looking into her dead eyes

Blueray Darkes moves her hands up to her face she watches them for a moment, using her left hand she pulls the fingers of her right glove tugging it off and handing it to Skitzo. She does the same with her left glove then makes a few motions, a slight sway of her hips as she slowly reaches behind herself to untie the top part of her dress. Biting her lips she pulls it up in her hands rising her arms taking it off over her head, she folded her arms around her chest slowly trailing her fingers over her breasts rolling a fingertop over each nipple. Her hands move lower hooking fingers in to the hem of her skirt, sliding it down over her hips brushing her palms over her silky thighs. Stepping out of it she kicks it aside, bending down to tug off her boots.

Skitzo Rolls takes a step back. Skitzo Rolls his eyes wander over her body. Skitzo Rolls bats Blue's tail.

Aaryanna Parx arches a brow at Blueray. " What in the worlds are you doing?"

Br33 Bimbogami walks over and blinks "You mean.. what arrghh you doing"?

Blueray Darkes's chest heaves with a breathy sigh she leaps on to the top of a speaker sitting down she spreads her legs, hooking one finger in to her panties she pulls them aside. Right hand moves she holds up one finger to Skitzo, first she did nothing but caress the skin of her thighs with it inching her way upwards further. She let out a soft moan upon reaching her treasured centre slid her finger up inside herself, arching her back lifting her hips she buried it to the base inside her. Warm, wet she was certainly needy sort of kinky to be forced to do this, her fingertip stroked every inch of her innerwall making her shudder. Tail coiled around the vampire's wrist a deadly hiss coming from her to warn him not to interfer, one finger wasn't enough she added a second stretching her cunt slightly. Her breathing uneasy her excitement lingering in the air, she worked herself in to a frenzy groaning aloud not noticing Aary who had arrived or anyone else at that matter.

Aaryanna Parx blinks a few times. " Pieter get to your mind again"?

Blueray Darkes casts out Dimentox.

Dimentox Travanti hits the floor with a oof

Lulz of the day:

[22:07] Dimentox Travanti: Your the cutest thing I ever did see I really love your DCS I wanna kill your City!

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