Thursday, 14 January 2010

He drives me nuts

I have nothing much to say...


Stein drives me crazy he pushes me in to my insanity, so much so that I want to scream and gouge out my brain matter. Claw open up my own head and scoop out the mess, throw it across the walls and ground in gruesome fashion.

This is what he drives me to...

I want to murder him, I want to break him, most of all I want to learn from him. There is no other human that I respect as I respect him. I let him get away with so much, fucking god damn monster Stein.

Lost inside my insanity, I will mutilate myself.

Lulz of the day:

[11:59] Spawn Rieko: Just because you don't do it now, doesn't mean you're not going to do it later
[11:59] Spawn Rieko: You can't trust yourself in this kind of situation. Something could come up that you weren't expecting.
[11:59] Spawn Rieko: How do you solve this problem?
[12:00] Dakira Seetan: with cheese
[12:00] Spawn Rieko: I'm being serious right now.
[12:00] Spawn Rieko: But yes, cheese helps.
[12:01] Spawn Rieko: Think for a second lol.
[12:01] Spawn Rieko: What would you do?
[12:01] Spawn Rieko: What SHOULD you do?
[12:01] Dakira Seetan: you want me to use my brain now?!

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