Saturday, 25 September 2010

The law

When I joined the House of Shadows there was two laws we learned, the first was family before all others. Second law was bleed for the House, die for the House. I was a lycan back then and three of my sisters wanted a little fun, they captured Delrith who at the time was my lover. That was the day I got in to breaking bones, we chained him to the Pit floor. I broke every bone in his body while my sisters did vile things to him, Ava actually fed him a half rotted fetus. Should I have whined and told them no? Should I have sat back and cried? No! I followed the law the family came first, and I will be redeemed if I didn't join in. I enjoyed hurting him.

My uncle Magpie or Denenthorn an angel with one wing of black and one wing of white, he had crossed a Shadow so I went and exacted revenge. Beat him threw him down the stairs, while he asked me to kill him I refused. Grr a were coyote yes I might have trusted him, that never held me back when I got ordered to hurt Omegans. I betrayed my spirit sister Joah, refusing her access to the Pit when she requested it. I was simply backing up my superior.

Bato also known as Cinn a friend of mine I have clashed with, fought him and tortured him on at least two seperate occasions. Hahahaha no no one was safe from the double edged blade of knowing me.

Now I'm Archaic Redemption the law is simple and the same as one I followed before, family before all others. I follow it as I have done before to the letter, everyone be they friend, blood relative, adopted relative, my own spawn, they have no protection as I once threw said people to the Shadows I now throw them to the Archaics. My sisterwife Picket was skinned in front of my eyes by Ishiko, Picket was not in our family and I stood watching it happen. Sure one of them won't believe me but there is no evidence that I guard non AR, if the family wants these beings then the family shall have them.

Go ahead little one find one of them, bring them to the warehouse. I will show you my calliousness, I will show you who I am and what I am. I will tear them apart myself, I will let you do what you want with them. I am not ruled by my heart there is no clouded judgement or trying to protect, there is only the family they come first in all things. Everyone else regardless of their ties regardless of what they are, are expendable, inferior and food. Have fun won't you?

Lulz of the day:

[13:27] Elamyrath Bracken stands....and stands well
[13:28] Blueray Darkes goes to shove him, and make sure she aims his face for the DIRT!
[13:29] Elamyrath Bracken
[13:29] Blueray Darkes shakes her head at the lameness of her brother, he used to be awesome so awesome that it froze your panties to your cooch.
[13:30] Elamyrath Bracken lost his awesome when he ate that twinkie that one time

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