Sunday, 16 May 2010

Meltdown!!! Oh noes...

Lost Angels is on meltdown or at least the nuclear re-actor in Tempura is, so far I've seen no panic about the situation at all. Maybe even the mortals are not afraid that they will become nothing more than a crater, I have nothing to worry about if I get destroyed I can go see grandpa even though he hates me.

Travelling from LA to Tempura by Stein's side was a quiet walk, he didn't utter a single word til we reached the plant. It's like watching a kid who just walked in to a giant ass candy store, his whole face lit up at the sight of the building and all that science laying inside. When the woman Bomb arrived to let him in he began to rattle off all this nerd speak, okay admitedly I'm average with my nerding and he made me feel stupid. Really stupid...

I can see why I shouldn't bother with him at all, why I shouldn't keep trying among various other things. He makes me curious, he's violent, he's intelligent, I can hold conversation with him when we're on the same level, we share an interest in taking things apart. We're insane... There is no other human who gained my respect in the way he did, no other human I can tolerate to get away with the things he does.

Yet he made me feel like I was somewhat retarded, he's so beyond me there is no point in striving. Sigh... I might not be able to keep up with him in the science stakes, but I'm sure there are other subjects I can keep level with.

The plant is a lot different than the factory, though I would love to explore the area and see its wonders. Stein is going to be here for two weeks, two long weeks but at least he will be happy.

Now the big question is, can the nuclear team prevent us from blowing up?

Lulz of the day:

[20:23] Jax Stryker: [ *summons a Blueray, loses 250 MP*]

[20:34] Blueray Darkes: [on a roll ne?]
[20:35] Jax Stryker: [ Like a katamari, baby. ]
[20:35] Blueray Darkes: [*laughs*]
[20:36] Bombalurina Catronis: (( If I keep facepalming I'm seriously going to poke an eye out. ))
[20:36] Blueray Darkes: [You get used to him :)]
[20:36] Atrius Bellic makes a little machine with a flyswater to let Bombsie do her facepalming with "There you go, no eyepokage with this" lmao))
[20:37] Bombalurina Catronis: (( Thank you. I'll never be afraid of mosquitos getting in my face again. ))

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