Friday, 28 May 2010

War, flashbacks, radiation and The Glow

War was declared last week upon The Brood, so far there have been defeats and victories on both sides. In the city tensions rise high with ever present threat of attacks, violence begets more violence and it continously esculates. I would prefer to have next to nothing to do with said war, but what the leader wants the leader gets so march in to war I do.

Oh those demons can indulge themselves all they want with the Seven Sins, I prefer the chaos this conflict brings for me to feed on. I have my sins that I embody, but I'm more chaos than anything else. Nope won't tell you who took that imp's wing, can't weasel that out of me.

As per usual there is something odd going on inside my head, often I have forgotten that LA is my home now and not Toxia. The scenary all around me keeps changing, a lot of my memories are mixed up together. I have done the best I can to ignore it and remain in a functioning mode, I mean its just another form of insanity and somehow some of these memories are comforting to me.

Radiation seems to be a big concern for the mortals these days, so much so that Stein has taken to wearing an outfit that covers him head to toe. There is also rumour of a weird cult worshipping something called The Glow, the city rose up to beat them down and a bomb went off. I don't even remember where... Oh yeah I was picking on that wanna be applicant.

Not much to say, too much happening. Too long have I forgotten to write in my journal, maybe I can write more soon.

Lulz of the day:

[15:17] Blueray Darkes: "She aint the warehouse"?
[15:17] Blueray Darkes: ini the*
[15:17] Blueray Darkes: in*
[15:17] Blueray Darkes: [wow don't tell her that I just called her a warehouse]
[15:17] Usagi Shinn: [[ LOL thats great ]]

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