Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Xan Portal

I met him as part of the family I had joined, that strange mask covered his face. One of many zombies, one of the Archaic Redemption. I suppose I never noticed him much, he was sort of always there in the background. Til the day he got burned his mask welded to his face, I used my blood on him and as predicted he went mad. After three days he returned to me asking me for more, he had met a demon on the other plain and spoke to him. Xan wanted to see him again but the only way was my blood.

Then the lunacy came...

The disease of hunger and insanity hit hard, not only did I fight Stein but I devoured Xan. I left his skeleton to let it wander the city, til a cure had been found, made and given. At that point he was just a skull, so began my task of re-making Xan. He took my blood and ate my flesh to re-build his body, I had made something unique a being who is a part of me.

Demonic qualities in an undead showed unexpected results, a legion of demons used Xan as a gateway and possessed him. I removed them then sealed him so he could not be used again. So time moves on Xan provided me with a meal of lust, since then desires for Stein and my Lord have been pushed aside. For now I want for no other, he is mine and I am his. I wonder if this is how Picket felt when she was with Magpie...

Lets dance together in the darkness my love, we'll make chaos among the masses!

Lulz of the day:

[11:36] Beauty Batriani pictures Mac dressed like William Wallace from Braveheart, with the makeup, sitting at his computer.
[11:36] Mac Gaelyth: ((you can take my life, but you can never take my broadband.))

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Picket Mcdonnell said...

Picket nods at Blue, and smiles "It was, and I am so happy for you princess"