Thursday, 14 January 2010

Try me

Upon one of my incursions in to the LA base I found Jess taped, tied and chained in the cage at the back of the base. Intriquied I made my way over and woke her up from her slumber, she stirred briefly to try and convince me to free her.

Now if I was stupid perhaps I would have just freed her on her word alone, that just because the host is an officier doesn't mean anything. If you're sitting there chained up there has to be a damn good reason for it, I do love to overstep my rank boundries and take matters in to my own hands. The taste for taking command and leading still fresh, though occasionally it turns stale in my mouth and grows bitter. If the AR was smaller it might be easy to go above my own rank, this family is huge and growing all the time doing so could get me in trouble. Specially since Tempest doesn't mess around when it comes to dishing out punishment.

Pain is fun in the right situation but not the way Bosslady deals it.

Banter between small, short and sweet if ya can call it sweet, I said I would tell our leader that Trime as she now calls herself wants to be free. I guess no one really knows that caging something wild, generally ends up killing them on the inside out. We as demons have to be free. I left her there in the cage, to go and find Bosslady or at least an officier. So far no luck. Oh well Trime maybe later.

Lulz of the day:

[15:43] steyr Shutt: Mine eyes have seen the glory of the insides of da Blue, she has a toaster in there and a vacuum cleaner too, but the rat cage and the rodent i dont know she got from where, but when i looked inside yesterday i swear it wasnt there .... lalalalala ((continues singing))

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