Monday, 25 January 2010

Weakness of the Mind

“Weakness of the mind, its different for each one of us”, the black demon Janvier tells his newest daughter. “For me it is the fact I am easily controlled”.

The newly completed demoness lifts her head to view her father and sire, her tongue licked over her lips before she makes a response. “I’ve got strong mental barriers; I’ve had practice thanks to Drake”.

Janvier laughed then in amusement at her as if what she had said was funny, though to her it was not and later on stood her in good stead. Unlike her father she was not a puppet to anyone, except perhaps Dimentox who was able to overcome her defences. Pieter also had done the same but he had been allowed in, in a counter to it she became more cautious to who she let in. Her mind, her sanctuary. Blueray was not safe from the weakness of Belial’s bloodline; her existence was driven by hate, rage and basic carnal needs. Then there were the times before the foul and bad temperament took over completely, she would randomly be seen running through the Toxian streets and around people. Her voice lifted in to song that spoke of random things, when she dashed off once more people wondered about her state of mind.

It was clear to those around when she had the chance to hurt another that clearly she was not alright inside her own head. Torture of the living things often got the demoness worked in to a frenzy that she would lose control over her held shape and her true form is on show. Oh how she did enjoy to hear the cracking and breaking of bones, something that she had picked up before she became a demon. Her weakness was the instability of her mind; she suffered the need to be covered in blood. So close to being a clone of her father, perhaps such a thing was inevitable.

Terrox himself had called her insane.

Blueray was to be found sitting on the edge of the volcano which, is inside the bowels of the place everyone called The Pit. Her blue, clawed feet splashed in the boiling lava un-phased by the heat, surrounded on all sides by dark walls with the usual whispers of spirits by her ears. Hands stretched out behind her, she had her head tilted up to view the glass ceiling that was also the floor if you stood up on that level. Blue irises constantly drowning in a black abyss of her eyes, flickering her gaze as if she could see things that weren’t there. She was thinking back upon the forms of insanity she had seen in her family, Kishi was prone to extreme violent outbursts and Nuku was a schizophrenic. Picket well Picket was already extremely unstable; perhaps she wasn’t as affected as the others.

Since she has been taking in more chaotic energy that had begun to unravel her sanity more and more, then there had also been the arrival of Doctor Franken Stein whose madness infected her own. Those two often spiralled one another down to insanity fuelling each other, she mutilated and devoured herself while the human madman had the visions he alone could see. Her violence had increased especially when she became unstable, coming out in bursts that would be directed at targets for her hate.

Her thoughts now upon her own blood that causes horror visions, allows people to see demons from the other plane. Little vessel of madness that she was immune to her own effects, she was perhaps considering that maybe just maybe the weakness of the mind was caused by this blood. Why else would the children of Belial that were once stable of mind, become such demented creatures when they are turned?

It made sense... If she thought about it, it really did make sense.

Blueray’s own catalyst that broke her mind in to pieces was chaos, helped along to complete its shattering by Dr.Stein.

Why that human?

Slipping further in to the volcano to submerge herself completely in its heat, she pondered upon this one insignificant being that had gained her respect and friendship. For her time among the House of Shadows she been surrounded by varying degrees of madness, dementia and insanity, she could not place her finger upon it why it was he who dragged her down the rabbit hole. Heaving out a sigh the demoness of black and blue hues began to swim down through the hot depths, the questions asked by herself with no actual answers nor were they to be found.

Why not Vistyne? It was obvious the red demoness herself was crazy, with a temper that matched or perhaps outmatched her own. Would she not have been a better and more worthwhile one to be breaking her mind? Or Emmelia half brain dead, and had messed with Blueray’s mind causing agony for days.

“I’ve lived with insanity all my life; your blood does little to affect me. I think they keep my own visions in my head company”, words of a madman.

Was that it then? The fact he had been mad since the day he was born, is that why it had been Stein and why they infect one another?

Tucking her knees up under her chin, her tail curling about her ankles and her arms wrapped about her legs. She now floated inside that lava to get some rest and feed from the spirits that flowed from its hellish mouth opening, those thoughts and those questions still whirling around and around in her head.

Besides being around insanity wasn’t so bad, being completely insane was rather refreshing.


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