Monday, 11 January 2010

Fairy tales and unseen horrors

Not quite sure how I ended up speaking with a fairie, or as I have dubbed her butterfly simply because her wings remind me of such. I saw some butterflies once and her wings were just like them, I wanted so much to grab a hold of them and pull them off. Butterfly wandered away leaving me behind with Dux and some feline girl, typical that my bad mood always drives away victems. *sigh*

The cat was being an irritant though I actually expect that of felines, I shot a spitwad out of the air with a fireball. Fucking immature bitch. Reluctantly I went over to her and the demon Dux, both proceeded to think of ways to cheer me up. *Yeah like I need that* Or they were just pissing me off by discussing my heritage, I was made in to a demon not born I'm a full blood and royality at that. Fastest way to piss me off other than some other tactics, yes yes I won't relate that here not right now. Is to call in to question whether I am part demon or part something else, if I recall that Delrith my first sire had the heart of a dragon inside that body made of demons. I can only assume the draconic traits come from that, but my father's essence is what runs rampant and makes me who I am.


Fuck you all just because you got no idea how to make your own spawn without fucking someone, doesn't mean you got the fucking right to pull my own bloodline and family in to question.

I am going to poison that girl with my blood make her see all the things that no one can usually see, she seems willing to be shoved on to an adventure. Hey at least it will be her fault and not mine. Hehehehehehehe

Lulz of the day:

[20:42] Marv Whittaker: omg, cake ate me
[20:42] Jax Stryker: In soviet Russia, cake eats you?

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