Friday, 26 November 2010

When Wormwood passed over

[I never had time or the inspiration to write this for the CoLA contest when it was up, so now I'm just writing it here]

You want to know what I was doing when Wormwood passed over? I don't even remember what year it was, actually to be honest I never kept track of years... I had no need for such things as years, weeks, days or even hours, every day was the same a hardship to keep on living. Humans make me laugh sometimes they are so terrified of dieing, always scared of the unknown and petrified of me. I was one of the few lycans that showed themselves on a regular basis long before Wormwood, I was no longer human I didn't want to stay looking human. I was no longer weak as they are, I was better than they were.

London at least I think that was what people called the city, a pretty prosperious place if you got a job, money and a car. If you were like me a homeless streetrat iking out a living, it was nothing more than one giant trashcan. Its a filthy city from its very bowels to the surface those humans walked on, disgusting filled to the brim with humans who took everything for granted. Wasted their lives, their food and killed themselves slowly or quickly. I never cared for them I took what I could from them in anyway possible, hey I had to survive somehow ya know.

Night is a time I can be found hunting either for those rodents that scurry through the alleyways, or searching for scraps in the trash cans and skips. I hadn't gotten the taste for human meat yet I wasn't that bad back then, I had murdered a gang but it was self defence you can't blame me for that. After getting food I then pad along walls and fences with tail wagging behind me, mostly searching for my missing twin who had abandoned me since the werewolf attack on us that changed me and I guess him too. My ears pricked forwards before swivling as I got that sense something was terribly wrong, that was when this huge orange and blue tailed comet thing streaked through the night sky. It lit up everything on its way blazing like that, something still wasn't right something was horribly wrong. I remember tensing up listening to the sudden hush that had fallen over the entire city, it wasn't long before I heard rushing water.

The river Thames had swelled in to what appeared to be a raging ocean, bursting its banks flooding every street and alley. People drowned in their beds they didn't stand a chance, those that didn't drown were crushed when buildings fell on top of them. Yeah I remember seeing a lot of London falling apart the ground cracking, all those things you never thought could exist turned out to be real. Well I suppose considering I was a lycan I shouldn't have been so disbeliving, but you never really stop to think what if vampires are real. I knew demons and anthro felines were one of them was my pet I saved from the train wrack, I ran hard that night back to where we slept together when I wasn't hunting. Luckily he took to the rooftops as I had, I found him safe and sound I was fucking relieved. Disater after disater struck the cesspool, humans running scared all over the place being hunted by demon and vampire alike. Hellfire scroching bodies souls being stolen, blood drained from people. I gulped I didn't really like demons not since one killed my parents, I couldn't help but watch the chaos unfolding.

On that night I decided I wanted to be stronger than a lycan, I wanted to become a demon I wanted that power. With the streets heaving with the dead and dieing, Ashura and myself made our way to anywhere that was still relativily untouched. Course it was another few years after that before I got the ferry to Toxia... Yeah I saw Hell open up to spew forth its denizons that night...


I want it!

Lulz of the day:

[17:44] Blueray Darkes is now getting a blowjob on her tail...
[17:44] Jessica Susser: just don't spooge from it. I seriously had someone do that.))
[17:44] Blueray Darkes: [wtf]
[17:45] Jessica Susser: leonora had an orgasm from Jess sucking on her tail one day))
[17:45] Blueray Darkes: [right...]
[17:45] Jessica Susser: yeah :/ it was odd)
[17:46] BG Quicksand raises an eyebrow, 'Demon essence orgasms? what are those for?'
[17:46] BG Quicksand: err, *stones
[17:46] Blueray Darkes: [Now look what you done]
[17:46] Jessica Susser: freudulan slip))
[17:46] BG Quicksand: ((too many details, yeah))
[17:46] Blueray Darkes: [I loled]

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