Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hide away...

There are times that even I as a not very people demoness, have to secret myself further away from people. When the rooftops no longer prove safe and I wish to get away, I simply vanish from the places where I am usually seen. Even then all accounts of seeing me are null and void, for if they look they will not find me at all not even in my haunting grounds.

The essence of being alone is something not many enjoy, I happen to have grown used to it even come to love it. I am alone in every sense of the word for I am the last of Janvier's daughters to remain a demon, and I have only one descendant whose birth is odder than anything I've ever heard before. My daughter is a halfbreed since I never knew of her existance til she found me, I had been blissfully unaware of her mysterious birth and upbringing.

I think my current need to be away from everyone is due to the fact, I can't seem to get a minute to myself or having to suffer the amorious advances of the male population. My mate has left me almost constantly alone, I grow weary of waiting and grow even wearier of fighting off these whores.

When will they learn I am not a Succubus?!

Such are the tribulations and trials of a High demon, that no matter how many of them you slaughter they deem it to be foreplay. Seriously I been having such issues since long before I entered LA, at least some of them in the toxic dump got the idea and backed off.

I want to be alone right now...

Yes I know I'm shirking my duties, but the way I feel right now. I wouldn't get anything done anyway.

Quote of the day:

Dancing in the madness, living among the dead. Risen are the zombies, filling you with dread.

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