Sunday, 30 May 2010

Reprieve/Short story of flashbacks yay!

Even monsters need breaks from the on-going chaos, slaughter and mayhem, I'm no exception that sometimes I crave nothing more than peace and quiet. I left without a word with those memories and flashbacks crowding in my head, the things remembered far too human for my own liking. I destroyed my own humanity, it still insists that it is there. Emotions...


The last three don't really fit in with a demon, but such things happen and sometimes more regularly than the race allows you to think. I doubt I will be missed much in my departure, there are a few who I wish would miss me. That is like asking a mountain to get up and walk, it's just not going to happen no matter how much you wish it. Besides my head is full, full of things I don't want to recall.
London... over the years she had been away from this city, it hadn't really changed at all. The people were different there was more humans around than anything else, always moving and milling about like ants looking for food. It didn't seem to matter where she went in this world, the blue demoness always ended up in polluted air and walking on dirty streets. With an oof she shoved her left shoulder against a wall, leaning on it from the fact her weakened body couldn't hold her up. Dragging herself along on her clawed feet to find a dark place to hide away in, sound of spikes scraping on bricks a horrid screeching noise. Darkness always seeking darkness, for how long now had she sought to hide from light?

"Hhhnnn I don't want... don't want to remember"!!!! Grasping her clawed hands in to her hair, stumbling til she fell to her knees in a place she had lived since been five. A non descript alleyway with a dead end to help shield against weather, damn the place still had their makeshift tent they built together. Pathetic. She crawled in to it though curled up on the ground, her tail coiling about her ankles as she went in to the fetal position. Sleep... That sounded good right about now.
A male voice woke her from her slumber, "Misato, Misato wake up already! If we don't get a move on we won't get any food at all today, you've started to get really lazy".

There came a grunt of acknowledgement as the male's companion rolled over under the dirty blankets, followed by "Five more minutes" but it was hard to tell. When the tickling began she was wide awake and laughing, "Alright damn it! I'm up sheesh Partak, you sure know how to ruin a good sleep".

"Serves ya right", he responded sticking his tongue out. Partak is an albino though that has never really stopped him in life, he's kind, good natured and a little more mature than his twin sister. The twin in question is a slender well formed woman, her hair is what made her a freak its a dark blue to match her sapphire eyes.

These two are the Darkes twins the only lone survivors from a demon attack, their parents brutally murdered in front of them by an unknown demoness. When they could see past the grief, Partak would often tease his sister that the demon looked a lot like her. Of course she would just call him silly and to stop joking around like that, in response he tended to laugh at the faces she made at him when she said. Partak Darkes and Misato Blueray Darkes, she preferred Blueray or just Blue.

"Agenda for the day"? She asked. Getting out from under the blakents to retreat further in to the alley, to do her bathroom routine and you can imagine what that is like without an actual bathroom. Street kids couldn't complain or fault their luck, they made do with what they had and made use of what they got.

Partak leaned against a nearby wall with his arms folded over his chest, he half pouted his lips as he thought or tried not to think of his sister in a perverted manner. Not that either of them knew their thoughts were taboo, all they had were eachother. "Hmm first we hit the regular joints for free food, if they got nothing its to the skips you know that".

"I know, I'm keeping you on your toes is all".


Blueray walks up to him kissing first his cheek then his lips, "Aww don't be like that, it makes you look sexy".

"You are a tease", he smiles wrapping his arms around her.
Clasping a hand to the side of his face he keeps the torn flesh in place, blood welling around his fingers to drip upon the ground. He stood in front of his sister to defend her, his left arm outstretched to make a human barricade. Beast in front of them wasn't human nor it was a demon, it was a full grown raging lycan that attacked them.

"GET OUT OF HERE"! Yelling at her to escape.

"No I can't lose you too, I won't leave you". Gritting her flat teeth together, her hands clenching in to fists. She was the fighter not him, he didn't need to do this. She didn't need saving...
The days simply meld in to one until she no longer remembered what day was what, since that night a few years ago she'd been alone. No matter how hard she searched for her twin, she couldn't find him at all. Night after night she listened to the night sing to her, she could hear it now because the lycan bite had changed her. Changed them both. How long had she been walking along like this? Blood on her hands and matted black fur? How many had she killed? They deserved to die, they tried to kill her first without knowing what she is. Idiots. Moronic humans... how she despised them.
Ugh this boat is terrible she wished it would stop rocking all over the place, tossing up more of her stomach contents over the side with a wretched hhrrrkkkk noise. If she known she was going to be sea sick she would have never deicded to get on this ferry, some of the Drow she met were being really kind. Apparently only certain Drow are nice like they are, the rest are a bunch of ruthless murderers. They were teaching her how to speak their language, while looking after her once she finished upchucking. It's a long journey to Toxia she would get sea legs eventually, she got told a few of them were the same the first week or two.
"I want some potatos, gravy, green beans, chicken annnnnnnd a glass of milk", she beamed up at her mother from sitting on the floor. She was playing with her wooden blocks, her brother was beside her doing some colouring. Their mother was cooking dinner for them, their father was outside working the fields and checking up on all their livestock.

Mother hums cheerily, "Mhm alright kiddo, you forgot the magic word".


"Brat", she laughed ruffling up her daughter's dark blue hair. "Try again".

Pouting up at her mother, she huffs but she wasn't really annoyed. "Please"!!

Lifting one finger in to the air mother grins at her two children, "Much better, dinner is ready in a few minutes so go get washed up".


"I don't... want to... remember, I hate the light", mumering from under those dirty blankets as she turns on to her side. Even in sleep the flashbacks didn't stop, it had to stop soon or she would go mad. Forgetting that she is mad already due to her demon blood, the light of humanity threatened her and thus she sought to bury herself further in to the shadows of that make-shift tent.

Trying not to linger on the images, trying to forget. Trying to kill her humanity, that constantly seems to return. Damning her soul for all eternity, the soul she died to get rid of.

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[15:26] Lucifrage Koray: "I thought i saw a dinosaur once, it turned out to be sloan, i was so dissapointed" luci said.

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