Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Update of events

After the tension became threatening to be almost overwhelming I left the confines of AR, for about two weeks I spent the time merely drifting. I either hid away inside my shadow or visited Toxia, to see old faces and those I would still call a friend. I took Tokii there to show her my legacy that I left behind there, the innocents still whisper my name in fear and the darker beings exhalted me in praise. I can never return for long periods or even permentally, once the burned bridges had been somewhat fixed I returned to LA and my family there. Since then thoughts of setting foot in the Toxic dump are a great distance from my mind.

Kytara the one I know arrived pretty much after I fallen in to my old role of officer, she informed me that her Lich self had been torn from her and was wandering about on her own. She was seeking this missing piece in hopes to be made whole, but the lich was doing her best to avoid Kytara at all costs. Eventually though the two were re-united.

Following on from that came an influx of power endowed to me, strange tattoos had appeared on various members of the public increasing our own powers and skills. Some of them were unhappy and wary, ever hungry for power I accepted it as it is and used it. However after a few days the toll upon me was evident, I hadn't needed to eat I always needed to move. Yet with this surge of power there came agony, a constant pain in my muscles and in my head, I even started to sweat soon even using my powers became an extertion on me. Some of the family tried to corner me to assertain why I was becoming sick, I put up a fight with minimal effort and escaped. All the while Stein simply watched as he neither cared or was concerned over my plight, sometimes just sometimes I wish he would see me more than as a specimen. I want to be what he called me once, a friend. When my condition got worse Tony which, is short for his full name Anthony had stepped in to converse with me, lost inside my own insanity to quell the constant pain even I couldn't endure I listened to him and almsot bent to his request of getting rid of the tattoo. He passed out and I slunk away only to be impaled by Jo the darkest being I ever did encounter, then ganged up on by the madman doctor who was on his own verge of insanity. Once my blood had sprayed over him from the spikes in my body he went crazy completely, a strange woman was nearby one who made Stein twitch with anxeity. Stein hacked my arm off with a scalpel (not before impaling him on earth spikes) and I woke the next day in his lab upon a slab, my bearly healed body sporting more cuts and a sense I been violated in the medical fashion. My arm was still missing. It took further coaxing from Tony for me to have the marking removed from my other arm when it appeared, soon as it was gone I felt myself return to normal or as normal as I can get. We found out it had been a parasite, for some reason I felt deprived of something great.

After that Tempest's father came to collect her, there was rumours of High demons coming to turn us against one another. Avian was one of them who had betrayed us and even murdered one of our own prospects, Kaz too who had always been somewhat rogue now openly declared her rebellion. I didn't spend too much time trying to help or figure this out, mostly because when I was awake I had no idea what way to turn. Most of the events happened when I was resting inside my shadow, when our leader had returned to us fully I severly punished Avian for her treason. I now call her Pinata.

Recently though a group of old people have shown up, they are extremely rude and crass with no sense of decency or morals. They no longer follow the normal set pattern of their own human society, they stink of insanity and chaos along with other things I would rather not smell.

Yesterday I finally caught up with the mad Thorne Demon called Murdoc, like myself he does not conform to normal demon society that resides in this city. I have two sins my primary is Pride as is my father and his father who is Belial along with my father's brother Vulcan, my secondary sin is Lust that is to be expected since one I am female and two it would fit due to my past torments I went through. My third is not original to me it comes from my Lord, the sin of Gluttony that causes me to feed even when I am not hungry. My main priority is Chaos for those of us from Belial's bloodline tend to be chaotic in nature and therefore we do not conform, even my uncle who is usually so calm in composure has a chaotic nature. I guess that is why Murdoc likes to be around me, he is born from madness itself and thus has more chaos than anyone. In a way that is why I like him, so mad so insane so much chaos. Anyway I ramble I found him yesterday writing on a wall his mask almost completely broken, I bid him to teach me the runes he alone knows so I can help him. I learned and it made my head hurt to do so, but that is a price I paid and will pass soon.

In the meantime I have also had Tokii make a request of me, Hiffaro or Hiffy has also requested to spend more time under my tutorlage for Red hands. I even have more to learn from Murdoc, and Caiaphas has been missing for a while. Skitzo is in our prison after he got tortured and flayed...

No rest for the wicked!

Lolz of the day:

Anthony Brownrigg: Don't poke the lens! There is millions of people in there and you're poking them, you're also poking three fingers back at yourself.

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