Friday, 15 January 2010

My scapegoat

In my grasp of mind control that I am once more excerising to its full extent, I have had the Righteous human girl Roxy as my new puppet. When she failed me I abused her for it, punishment to hope she doesn't fail again.

She failed!

Two failures and I was not happy with her I was already one step ahead, going to the church I was hoping to get hold of the book of Stryke myself. However a nice turn up for my own books was pilgrim's willingness to help our Lord Pieter, who was suffering from the fact he couldn't feed. So I made a deal with her. If she could get me a bone from Calleigh's mother, I will release Roxy from my control and pilgrim would be helping Pieter to be free of the curse.

The idiot agreed to the deal as willing as I was to free the human right there and then pilgrim said upon her succeeding for Roxy to be released. Fine with me means I get to keep the little mugworm for longer. Little does the angel though that her task would set her up nicely to be the fall man, or in other terms in some cultures called a scape goat.

Pilgrim succeeded and handed me a finger bone, I thus recieved the item and freed their comrade. Awwwww sometimes it is so good to be me, and that babypyre Kash decided to keep insulting me.

Beat him down and infected him with my brand of madness.

Serves him right.

Lulz of the day:

[20:10] Marv Whittaker: Bye the power of Greyskull...
[20:10] Blueray Darkes: I jizzed in my pants

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