Sunday, 10 January 2010

Old faces

I figured I have been neglecting my journal again, since Bosslady has requested that we write in them for a week... Well what better time to once more pick up my pen and my journal to write, my history and my thoughts since coming to LA and joining the AR inside a lycan's body. Like I ever needed an excuse to write anyway.

I had spent a few hours in the bar called the Zodiac listening and drinking, I have a thing for vodka its a potent drink but not as strong as say absythne. Damn love that stuff but having it in my bloodstream is not a good idea, specially not in my current condition that will once again take time to calm down. My body is on fire the needs and urges of it enflamed to dangerous levels, I was glad for this growing cold that was happening inside the bar as I leaned against the pillar.

Going to have to find Stein I have things to work out with him, I want to tear him and break him thrash him to an inch of his life. Then drag him back to health only to do it all over again, the thoughts of such make me shiver in delight.

~Violence excites me~

Upon just being observent the bar is still somewhat empty, its at a comfortable level of people right now. I hear a familar voice and a familar name, it came to right then I recalled a certain frog with a soul trapped inside it. Poor taste in joke that was it made Hitaroki so mad to have seen that, eventually after I spent days looking after the thing he stepped on it. Anyhow my old friend Elamyrath Bracken, a person who escaped Toxia just like I did and we know the wanton desctrution of the fiend that believes he controls the city there.

So we spoke of the Kindred Allience of Dimentox and I clued him up on some recent events, I felt his anger and I did as I always did I fed on it. I think I am becoming a glutton, I wonder if that is another of Pieter's influences. Never the less the energy was stored, I grew weary along with my frustration and usual bad temper coming in to play as the bar filled up. Out out I had to get out, making my exit I left that place stepping out in to cold air. This place is full of people I used to know.

Following morning I found out we got to keep a journal for a week, I guess that's why I can find myself writing this now leant up against a lamp post near the LA pack den. Maitso is sitting on the magazine stand just kicking back, I hadn't seen him since he left the family I hadn't gotten any orders to get his head on a platter so I generally left him be. Yeah I know my first entry of the week isn't all that sick or twisted, I'm just putting pen to paper right now while talking to the vampire about a few things. Nothing important nothing even serious, idle chit chat to be honest. I got mildly amused at the Pack getting victems near their base, they seem to be a bit brighter than the ones back in Toxia.

I hate the Pack in that city, at least these ones here I can tolerate. They seem to be able to think for themselves, and not base everything upon their own instincts. Such is the way I see things that if your IQ is so low then don't bother me, if you can hold a decent conversation I will welcome it. That does not mean I will like you, I generally hate a lot of things... I wonder what else can happen this week, I hope to be able to write something interesting at least.

Lulz of the day:

[12:28] Jax Stryker: [ Piet's presence is so strong it causes my DCS to reset? ]
[12:29] Blueray Darkes: [XD]
[12:29] Pieter Seelowe: ((yeap, epic Pieter))
[12:29] DCS2 2.46.10: Suyuan Quan OOC: He's epic like that.

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