Sunday, 13 September 2009

Dancing free

Righteous came for their comms we made for them, and they were happy with them. We got ways they will never think of, trust us or not our backdoors so well hidden that not even their own tech head can find them.

Oh well the day was rather uneventfull, I did go see Pieter and inform him that Janvier had been in the city. I informed him of other things to, and he told me to be watch my back. Confirmations were made, before we went to the Pit we embraced briefly. A stolen moment. The Pit had some entertainment in it, Trixie a Ryder had helped capture a vampire for Mikayla's use. Mikayla is a worthy demoness if I was one I'd be proud to call her such, she tortured that male while she fed from him and his screams were music. Pity that the Ryder chick has such a weak stomach she was sick, I was myself yesterday violently ill but that was more out of fear than disgust. ~I do not fear much, but an Skyler still manages to strike fear inside me.~

I hate humanity...

I left the Pit to wander the rooftops with a new frustration all built up, no damn release none at all. Somehow I ended up in the Haven dancing to the music, the beat is something I always figured had a life all its own. If you swayed your body to it just closed your eyes, feel the beat thrum you its as if the city has its own heartbeat and its that you're dancing to. I ended up stripping for Skyler while I danced beside Gally, she had stripped off for her lover a mutant called Bame. Despite missing the Shadows I really do love my current family, I have the pleasure of being with perverts no matter the faction.

Again I move on leaving the tentpoled mutant to the attentions of Gally, and hoping that Skyler actually studies. Back upon the rooftops I could oversee the city, that is and always will be my playground. Its late the moon is high if you can even see it through the clouds and smog, I'm away from the Haven filled with people and the thrumming music. There is something else I'm listening for, a sound I have longed to hear again since becoming a cybernectic.

Night song.

I listened to the silent night actually straining my hearing to hear it, dis-heartened I decided to dance for no apparent reason other than I can. No sooner had I done so that the sweet, melody laced with sorrow, joy, hate and bitterness reached me, I could hear the night singing and she sang to me. Thus I danced to all the emotions of the human race that the night knew of and she had seen, in my own fashion of worship I danced to her song as a creature of darkness a night child.

For the night sings so sweetly, to those who can hear her.

Lulz of the day:

[18:05] Nivanglus Aya: After I beat Sipha up, he told me he wants you to collar him Rose. He also told me he'd die for it but he only loves me.
[18:05] Sipha Sands: Can some one rape her with a shovel please...

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