Saturday, 19 September 2009

Mortal coil

Holy fuck what a week, busy and quiet all at the same time. Monday I was powered down getting a few repairs, Tuesday saw Martko give us training but only one TC showed up. However the rest of the city showed up, and they joined in with the combat training.

Wednesday I found Tanapopo thinking she was a Righteous, and of course when Pieter came to call to offer me some work I told him what I knew. He was extremely interested in this, thanked me for my information and later the same day he told me I didn't strike him as a cyber. Body is human, the parts are cyber, the mind is demonic and the heart is still Shadow....

On Friday I heard the Shadows had moved on the church on Thursday, to be honest I hadn't expected them to move so fast. I guess since Tan was his.... PET the speed was acceptable, she had been beaten and her collar removed. A traitor to the House and when I heard I knew that was how she was treated, when she finally remembers I hope she goes kill herself. All who oppose the House and all who betray it, shall have the dark justice inflicted upon them. Skyler well he was pretty pleased with himself for torturing and crucifying an angel, he also scolded me for not behaving in front of this human he was working on. To lure the innocent to be of any use one must use sugar coated words and honeyed behaviour, his scolding was more to do with the fact I had lost my finese and been forgetting who I was..... My brother doesn't like seeing me mortal and I get pissed off when he reminds me I will die some day, the longer I stay as this pathetic human the more I will forget my demon ways.

Saturday was quiet though I spent a good amount of time in the Haven speaking with the mad doctor, he still has that thing with him that woman who is retarded. I want to hurt it. Sex came in to the talk I got no real idea why or how but it did, my mind wondered to where ever my wife and Pieter were. Polygamy for the win no? My body craves attention, my heart craves affection from them both. What ya going to do really? Conversation moves on to the air causing people to be sterile, and the fact there had been no disease for over a year. Gally was tormenting some poor human male sexually, that sorta coinsided with the sex talk previously. I told the doctor that for history in the years before I was here, he should go talk to Pieter for he would most likely know. Fuck it I almost slipped up in full public and called him My Lord, I was so fucking lucky Gally never picked up on it. Who knows if anyone managed to catch it, I really should be more careful specially in the company of Shadows.

Life goes on, I lose more of my old skill set each day. My mind turns to becoming fully cyberised to prevent aging, to prevent myself from dieing and leaving this world. I left for the rooftops I can feel Death close by, or perhaps that was my own self morbidity. I know Death I know how she feels or he or whatever gender Death chooses to be, they are always there trailing mortals all across the globe. Yet I am closet to them more than anyone, the energy signature the special and abused bond between it and I. The fact it had been in control of my body...... Death and I, they say I am not meant to die. I keep alluding them and so that has intrigued them, one day when the real end of the world happens I will embody Death again.. Maybe if I'm still on this plane by the time it occurs.

I do not wish to die, I will live for all eternity. Immorality is but a cyberisation away, for we are ones who live through technology. We alone will survive when all else fails, we are cybernectics we are The Continuum. Resistence is futile.

Tell me why I feel like I don't belong? I'm a leader with a family who will listen to my every word, I am loyal to them and fullfill my duty. I do not belong, the gaping hole grows. I live continously losing myself.

Lulz of the day:

21:33 A new unit for measuring the wobbliness of supermarket trolley wheels was introduced.

21:34 Female-invented colours such as "Lemon, Coffee, Mauve, Taupe, Puce etc" were now banned and replaced with proper colours like Horrahorrawamagong.

21:35 Facefucking became mandatory.

21:36 God finished. Moses nodded. God wandered off. Vertically. - Queen James Bible.

Queen James Bible

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