Thursday, 3 September 2009

I hate magnets

I went to the church today I was due for the cross, only I was gonna go just with my family. I hadn't expected all of the Shadows to show up to, it wasn't their problem I didn't know they were gonna be there. Show up they did to support me to back me up and my family, Martko taunted me he seems oh so impressed he cracked my heart plate. Oh nice you almost killed me lets feel proud about it, fuck you; you fucking asshole.

Shit went down Shadows wondered off, Righteous used some magnets to slam me on to the cross. You think this will stop me? You think this will make me scream for forgiveness? I know that the people of the church see us cybers as freaks of nature, I was there when they told Terrox that to his face. I did have him under my control at the time to attack the church, silly that his mind was so easy to grab a hold of. Ah the days of a demon.

They let me down my family is pissed off and so we plan, plan to make their lives Hell because we got the tech and the know how. Honestly I'm still pretty clueless about it all, but I make out that I got some grasps on the subject.

Thank you Pieter for being there, thank you Shadows. My old family my new family I thank them all, and I will always love Pieter my Lord. And there is Skyler he would be pissed off about the cross when he hears about it, we are closer than we were before because I'm teaching him. His appearence now resembles something of my old self albiet male, but there are differences but I feel a great swell of pride I can use a technique to give him all he needs to know. Next up is his powers, I wonder what he has.

Before I decided to pass out for the reminder of the night I encountered Patches, my adopted son who is a cat along with his brother D and his sister Freyja. Yeah yeah I'm a mother sort of. I spoke to him a little before then turning my attention to Delrith and the retreating Cid, I noticed his clenched fists his tightened jaw. With that I decided to harress him as my newest toy of amusment. I figured I'd follow them to the seawall but their talk was boring and I needed to reaquint with my lover Delrith, but before I had chance to say goodnight the red skin Pontifex shows up.

He asked me to arrange a business deal and I agreed to meet with him on Sunday, so we would have plenty of time to discuss the things that he wanted. I am rather surprised to see him back also in the city, and without his angel woman Merma attached to his arm. I wondered what had happened to her, perhaps he killed her since after all he is a demon and its in their nature to do away with mates that displease them. Pontifex also used to own the Nareth, but whatever happened to her is also unsure.

I don't bother to think on the mysteries of people's affairs.... I will go to doing my favourite hobby, watching the city corrupt the innocent people.

Lulz of the day:

[11:12] Skyler Hennesy: Blue likes to play, sometimes her toys get broken. You should see her bill for that sex shop she buys her toys from."
[11:12] Skyler Hennesy whistles loudly and shakes his head 'She's rough, what can I say?"

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