Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Pants day

Whats so special about my pants?

Joenta said she needed my pants and she beat me down for them too, holy fucking hell she stripped them off and then squeezed herself in to them. Picket being well Picket is took it upon herself to go beat up Joenta, after I dealt with some uppity Reck vampire harressing Forneus we took Joe to the porn shop. AND I TOOK HER PANTS!!!

Quiet slapped me in the face with her pants, challenged me to a pants dual and I actually won. I let her keep her pants, I put on Joenta's pants then she ran off with two pairs of my pants.... She practically skipped shouting how she got Blueray's happy pants, as if it was some sort of big deal to have my pants. I don't know its been one of those days I guess...

So why does everyone want me out of my pants?

Oh my god how many times can I say pants in one entry about pants?

Lulz of the day:

[0:41] Grom Prevost: Hahaha, poor Van.
[0:45] Aaryanna Parx: Wonder what made him have to do that
[0:46] Grom Prevost: He just likes Hello Kitty? A lot? lol
[0:47] Aaryanna Parx: then he is gay.. even if in japan they came out with hello kitty for men
[0:48] Grom Prevost: He must be a diehard fan then....supergay...
[0:48] Grom Prevost: He can be our superhero!
[0:48] Aaryanna Parx: hehehe
[0:48] Aaryanna Parx: Sounds good!
[0:49] Grom Prevost: Supergay Man to the rescue! Wherever there is heterosexuality...he will stop it...whereve there is homosexuality, he will join in....he is...Supergay Man!!!
[0:49] Aaryanna Parx: Hehehehe
[0:50] Aaryanna Parx: Oh supergay man save me!
[0:50] Grom Prevost: We just need a giant Hello Kitty on a spotlight to call him now...
[0:50] Aaryanna Parx snickers.

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