Thursday, 24 September 2009

I returned to where I belong

I had quietly left the group of cybernectics yesterday, installing Kishi as their new leader and folding up my coat. Putting it on a table placing my comm unit on top of the coat, I knew I wouldn't be needing them anymore where I was going. I made a last sweep of the factory, taking it all in with a fondness that was there just not so strong. I had done all I could while longing to be elsewhere, I had worked hard to pull them together but Kishi she would do a better job. I gripped the railing of the railing that was around the hole, I threw myself over it to land with a thud and walk off.

I looked back once heaving out a sigh, I may not have belonged there or felt a complete part of them. Still leaving out of the blue was a wrench for me, I made a vow a heartfelt vow that will stay etched on my heart for all time. I will never harm a Continuum member. I turned my back on them I was going to be happy for once, and be damned if its something I want and had wanted.

The steps of the Pit looked like a large tongue that lolled out of the maw of a giant beast, my heart beat so fast I was scared it would burst inside my chest. Slowly I walked up the steps taking each one with each stride, til I was inside the Pit and stood before Pieter.

"Yes Bluebie"?

"It is time, I want to come home".

He went to his throne motioning me to follow, I was half behind him half at his side as is usual for me. He ordered me to kneel before him, I pointed out we established a year ago I don't kneel. I got my insignia of the Shadows back, I was part of my old family again. I couldn't hear the voices as I did the first time round, I wasn't part of the telepathy that we all shared. Either way I felt more at ease than I had in a long time, I was finally home and the Shadows they all welcomed me back in to the fold. They had missed me too. I guess though I have to work my way back up to my old place, no worries I didn't mind having to earn my rank back. Gives me something to do.

After I was back in we went out in force to FishCo, we picked up Kaira who had been corrupted by Pieter to see the darker side of life. Kaira I know how my Lord favours her, as ever I will wait I will be there when its done and over. I like Kaira despite me breaking her, she was a monster a thing twisted to be what we all are. Free. Kaira joined us too became a Shadow, the day was an overall win for us.

Soon the darkness will spread over the city, we will create fear like no other. I will regain everything and become the terror that stalked the streets, it will be always behind my Lord's wake. Pieter.... The man that done more than anyone for me, saved me, raised me, led me, drew me in when no one else would. Moulded me to be the epitome of what a Shadow is, almost perfect he called me this time I will be perfect.

Soon its the begining of the old, only with a brand new twist.

Lulz of the day:

[15:11] Martko Swords: ok ok
[15:11] Martko Swords: hows about
[15:11] Martko Swords: Sainsburys Mastercard
[15:11] Martko Swords: there
[15:11] Martko Swords: :D
[15:11] Blueray Darkes: :P
[15:11] Martko Swords trys to find bluerays Card slot
[15:11] Blueray Darkes: LOL I shop at Tesco
[15:12] Martko Swords pulls out his tesco mastercard
[15:12] Martko Swords: wheres the slot?
[15:12] Esso Brezoianu: im pretty sure you would have the same chance with a library card
[15:13] Blueray Darkes: Rofl

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