Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Continuum

I had my time in The Continuum over the months I was there, I made sure to do what was best for the group as a whole and for its individuals. It often made me upset despite the fondness for the group, it wasn't my group and I did my damnedest to make it mine. In the end where does it lead you?

My RP has been conflicting I miss what I no longer had, while trying to make something of what I had gotten. I do honestly like the members of The Continuum, I got to know them better than I would have done had I not been there at all. I had some really good times with them, times that I have had the honour and privilage of having. Yet GMs that are unhappy overall are not good GMs, they become slackers [like myself] and fall in to some rutt. [I became a serious slacker, but still tried hard]

I can go home now.

I hadn't really planned on it being so soon, maybe I figured it would stretch to a few more months at least. After all I was only a temperary solution, specially since I got no idea about what being a cyber is about. The way I took over was odd and estranged, I beat down the grumbles in the ranks and halted those who undermined me. Maybe if I stayed longer I would have gotten more used to the role, or maybe no length of time would have ever helped that sense of not being.

Family is everything no matter the family, I had wanted that imprinted on them. I made sure I stayed loyal and devoted to the family I led, no matter my ties to who or what my first priority was to TCs. Never doubt that.

Goodbye Continuum, we had fun together. I enjoyed the time though I tainted it with my sorrow, I wish you good fortune and luck in the future <3


Pontifex: You can take the girl out of the Shadows, but you can't take the Shadows out of the girl.


Anonymous said...

Come back some time to tease us toasters :D

Blueray Darkes said...

Only to tease :D