Saturday, 12 September 2009


I hadn't wanted to tell Skyler about what had passed between me and Lorne, but since he invaded my thoughts to see the images I told him anyway. It all happened because I refused to go to the Voodoo shop, though it still pained me to think back on those days I told my brother to leave me alone and walked off.

Skyler grabbed my wrist told me not to walk from him, asked me why him of all people why him. I told him because Lorne was there, he cared and was good at it. He hated Lorne and so his disapproval was something I couldn't bear, I broke down sobbing about my own stupidity. He promptly punched me. Yes I stopped crying to look at him blankly while my nanites fixed my broken cheek and jaw bone, Skyler said he wasn't going to put up with me putting myself down just as he never did before. If he had been in Toxia while we did he would have killed us while we slept in bed, its good to know that matter how we are he will always punish me for feeling less than I should be.

As for stupidity I seem to have it in bucket loads, my aching need for my Lord over rode common sense. After months of not being able to even after my death and change, Pieter became the second person to partake of my new body. We made a heated, passionate reactment of Ktox, we enjoyed every second every moaned word of need, want and desire. Our love is pure...

I woke up in the Pit in the morning alone in the bed though I had fallen asleep in Pieter's arms, his embrace is strong and I wish to do this more often. Yet time has a bad habit of dictating the word no to me, and demons don't sleep so I expected him to be up before me. The bed was still warm where he had been, I got up got on my clothes to make my way to the hotel for the shower. Believe me showering isn't easy for me, I have to remove parts that could get damaged. It leaves me vulunerable and an easy target, its also hard for me to wash myself one handed. So far I haven't let anyone see me like this, I'm independant I would hate to be seen like that.

Showered, dressed, ready to take on the city......

Lulz of the day:

[17:56] DCS2 2.45.8: Skyler Hennesy OOC: lol martko, gotta love the rap songs that become national anthems for about a month


Martko Swords said...

Lawlz :) Ktox home of Industrial, Heavy metal, Dark Techno... and MARTKO SWORDS :D hahahaha

Blueray Darkes said...

Ktox - Home of all Toxian djs who rock :P