Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Same old record

I wondered by the Pit during the morning hours, I don't know why I just tend to always drop by. Its like I need to see it to be inside it, to smell the sulpher and feel the heat of the volcano. Only that demoness who had got tortured was there, Pieter was trying to convince her to eat a soul shard. Not because he cared even if he said its because he cared, always an ulterier motive and a reason behind everything. She got all twitchy when I arrived refused to feed in front of me, Pieter told her to relax that he didn't mind me being there. Didn't mind because I knew his true nature. He shoves the shard in to her mouth and she runs off, while my Lord walks in to the Pit one of my own has run up to me. I refrained from sighing and rolling my eyes, its like everytime I want to walk in there a TC runs up. I know they're looking out for me but its getting tiresome, I'm perfectly safe around Pieter Seelowe. People just don't know him people just refuse to see past what he shows, he guards few people and loves even less and those privy to it earned it. Unlike what Pilgrim believes to be true, Pieter can and does love the whispered words of "Never stopped loving you" still ring in my head and heart. I love my Lord.

And it makes me weak.

The talk was brief the air tense with something not sure what, I was still pent up and though I refused myself my own body kept demanding release. It can wait, it can wait it needs to stop begging me, with my hormones in a complete mess I headed for Haven. The only place in Toxia with hornier people than me, where I can forget my needs and drink to oblivion. Only problem was Pilgrim was there with her Righteous buddies, and we made small talk together while my family took over the bar. At which point Martko comes in gives me a greeting and seemingly walks out again, I don't understand that wolf at all he's really fucking weird. No sooner was he gone he sent me a text message......... How did he get my number and how was his phone working?

Werewolves *rolls eyes*

Not that I mind them after all I did used to be one, but I never understood the need to be with your own kind. Even as a demon if a fellow demon showed weakness or had no pride, then they just aint worth it and should be ended. Meh!

On top of the apartments I found Martko just as he said he would be, he handed me a drink with a few drops of his blood in it. Vodka! I don't know why he called me up here after all I'm not the best person to talk to, when he started talking the first thing out his mouth was the mention of uniting North Toxia. My blood ran cold and I outright told him that the factions never bind together unless there is a common threat, Martko scoffed at me and then says course I wouldn't care and Shadows rule the city. Yep they do and at least he was SMART enough to see that they do, when I was one of them I tried to make sure people knew that and feared them. He said he wished I could go home to them, but that isn't his problem and some things are impossible. The wolf even asked me if I got tired of being evil ~Chaotic neutral some people call me now~, I told him no cos although I was filled with darkness my behaviour is not all bad. Its just askew and always benefits me or family.

Gotta know when to and when not to be bad.

However he didn't probe further than that I can't say whether I was grateful or disappointed, most people who declare the city needs saving and wants it generally try to poke past my behaviour and foul temper. Thats another thing Martko is just playing the same old record other people have played, and it gets fucking boring in a way but it is afterall to my own amusment to watch and make them fall. I recalled the priest Alonzo who had ever been a thorn in my side, and eventually gave up after I made an innocent angel stab him for torturing me. He cracked so hard. When will people realise I speak the truth when the city corrupts people? That the residents here don't give a shit about the word of God, or even want this save our souls bullshit shoved down their throats? We're here for a reason either to escape the laws of man, or to escape from whatever miserable life we lived in before. No law here means absolute freedom.

Martko is an idiot, in a long line of idiots. Seriously he isn't any different from all those others, he acts the same says the same damn things and lives in complete denial.

Today I keep my past, my secrets and my darkness. He declares resistence is futile even though everyone resists, and I well I will be there hindering his way. For now he's due to teach my cybers some combat stuff, regular teachers are nice we really do need it.

Martko the new thorn in my side.

And my mother's words that echo through my head long before this day arrived, and long after I remembered and had already killed - Never kill with dark intent, for this leads to the dark path.

You know I really am sort of glad he never pried, I hate revealing that I used to be a goody two shoes.... Even if I was a violent one.

Lulz of the day:

[22:56] DCS2 2.34: Fae Ferrentino OOC: ack phone? grr
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