Saturday, 5 September 2009

One year

Its safe to say that when one marries their demonic sister, there has to be some form of madness or a bond so deep that it requires an outside thing to show the world. I think for Picket and myself its a bit of both, so on this day last year us two demon sisters fathered by Janvier married. Blood fountains, roasting humans, black bible, an alter, all the people we had come to hate and love in Toxian City had come to our wedding. The most hated person of all Dimentox performed the ceremony, we did everything in our own power to make it not mushy at all.

Though I had promised to cheat on her everyday, I don't think I actually managed it at all. For one its a little hard to cheat everyday when you got no one to cheat with, and of course she never did give me that Dutch Oven she promised. We never had to the dishes either...... Ha! We discovered that even though the men who entered and left our lives, we always had one another to rely on that was and is our only constant. I can say we've fought, we've cried and I've lost her to the clutches of Death far more than I like to recount, but I have always managed to find a way to get her back.

Yes at one point I actually hated her for killing Skyler, but that passes as all things pass because she is my sister and she is my wife. No matter what I still love her, I still need to go sow her finger back on. When Picket wants to avoid someone she does it, and is a lot harder than myself to find.

We may not be the forms we were when we started this little trip, but we are and always will be demonic at heart. The trouble making duo sisterwives, who in their own way terrorise the city.

My sisterwife is Picket McDonnell

And without her I would have been left broken hearted, less than a shadow of who I am everytime a man screwed me over in order to hurt me so deep I'd wish to die. I'm sure she feels the same way about me.

Always here for you <3

Lulz of the day:

I will not have a daughter. Although she would certainly be as evil as she is beautiful, once she sees the hero's rugged good looks, she will no doubt betray me to him. - Evil Overlord list

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