Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Martko...... Comms and Kishi

Why is it everywhere I go he is there? Like a constant shadow that seems to be haunting me, Collin bought him to the factory to discuss my terms. Martko.... Damned Righteous always seems so nice, but you ever seen him fight.. You can see him lose control as something inside him snaps, its that I want to get a hold of its that I want to twist.

My terms were to Collin when he came the first time, is give me an apoligy of all those involved for crucifying me. Those of my family who were there at the time agreed whole heartedly, so think what you like its a backed up thing by all. The Righteous refused to the terms we had given, and to be honest it was simple stalling tactics. I didn't really want to make them have comms too soon, specially since it was me who knocked it out. I tried to bargain for Suyuan's soul since she had requested I try to get it for her, again another refusal it wasn't theirs to give it was Griffith's. I do like the vampire we have had our interactions, he prefers it when I'm all badass as it keeps him occupied. He is a worthy adversary, Martko is worthy too in his own disillusioned way.

Martko said he would give us training for combat, that was something we sorely needed after Monk beat us all down. I have to admit I rarely ever rise a weapon unless needed, simply because I do not see strength in one's ability to beat someone up. Strength comes from inside the will to live beyond all hardship, to carry on living when everyone else around you gives up.

Moving on with the day I read a note from Magpie telling me he left me a human Kishi in my tank, perfect what a wonderful way to finish up my day by delivering pain to my ex sister. I yanked out nails and ripped out her spine, I cut her open to put in parts to help her recovering overly battered body. Dwells got dizzy from it all he's still too human, has that guilt in him to make him feel bad for the victem. Once I was done I told her that her payment for saving her life was simple, become a Continuum member just fill out this form and use the clothes in the box when you're feeling better.

Though I was covered in Kishi's blood I bid my family farewell for the reminder of the day, picked up my tome from the Hive and went to find Skyler. I gave him the book made him promise to keep it safe, he said he wouldn't be long with it and I will have it back soon. I had promised Pieter that he could look at that book too, I'm glad that only Magpie, Pieter, Joah and Skyler know of that tome. If everyone knew what it was how powerful it was, then they would all want it and try to take it from me. Hitaroki's tome the only thing of him apart from memories I have left, its not just powerful it has sentiment too.

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