Monday, 7 September 2009

Guess what I did :D

Yesterday, yep was yesterday because I been slacking on the journal, I had gone to the Pit as usual since I feel most at home there. That new demon who I dubbed five minute man, simply because he desired only five minutes of pleasure. And it pisses him off. So anyway that new demon was in the Pit also with a demon girl up on the bondage cross, he was torturing her in a way that had me impressed at his newbie skills.

Staying close to Pieter I watched the demon male torture, until my scanner went off that there was a commotion at the front door. Bloody typical that the Righteous would show up, and at their lead was Martko. I hate the fact that there are demons and vampires in a church group, it actually makes me physically sick to think about it. WHERE IS THEIR PRIDE? Fuckers no pride, none at all. Martko was plegded in to some weird sci-fi alligence thing, I can't help but feel a stab of jealousy when he asks for Pilgrim yet again. Martko shivers maybe from disgust when I touch his back, I note these things I always do and its something I will captilise on later.

He spends so much time drooling over that angel, what about my own damn needs?

Screw it.

I left the Pit afterwards and it was some time after that I began to set things up on the church roof, I told them I would get them back for the magnets. An electrotic field that covers the area of the church, and knocks out all their electronics including my own if I got inside of it. Ha hahahahahahaha FUCKERS!


Also yesterday Collin who hates my guts not just for feeding Cid's leg to Skyler, but for the fact that more often than not I'm around Shadows. Hey when my own family isn't around I hang with my old one, it makes me complete and makes me happy by gods I'm still horny from the torture. No relief.... Sigh. I managed to make Collin agree to get me apoligies from all the Righteous who were involved on that day, and if he got it in time I would make the Righteous a new comm system.

Sometimes I don't mind this tech stuff, its actually rather fun to organise to fix the problems that you caused. Score one for The Continuum.

Lulz of the day:

[2:47] Stiletto Vendetta feigns a scornful look at Resty "a rake?"
[2:47] kyo Savira: will you please hit me with a rake and eat me

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