Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Its early morning I can tell because the manse is quiet, though I think I've been screaming again. Shit... I'm not supposed to be screaming at nightmares, I'm not supposed to have nightmares either. Fuck just fuck. I think I'm out of it really I do that pain I went through, yeah most demons would take it in their stride I guess. I'm an emotion addict and I eat sin, emotions run rampant that much I

Annika and Samual mean well but they are emotionless so don't understand things on the same plain I do, I honestly can't handle human emotion all that well. No one is around for me to talk to right now, I slide off the couch to say good morning to the skull Walter. He just sits there grinning he's no help either useless bastard! Walking is a bit tough still as my healed body is stiff, I aint surprised its stiff I had to have skin regrown, bones fixed, talons regrown. That shit aint easy to do not even for Zekkiel.

Sore all over too... Ugh and these nightmares really? I'm just re-living it all like I'm some sort of screwed up human, I need to talk to someone, anyone I want to be understood. I want help to understand these... feelings. I'm not scared don't be silly. Pain all I feel is pain not as bad as before, but spikes of it still stab through the human host I inhabit. My wings still need fixing that will have to be done soon, I can't fly right now not that I'm going anywhere soon. Too weak to really move far without having a date with the floor, the floor seems to be happy about this. Sadly the floor isn't huggable...

After I've made this sandwich and eaten it I'm going back to the couch, might as well pass out again and hope no one sits on me. I hate being alone though I've been alone for centuries, I should make amends with Edeline or something. I know how she feels to be alone all the time, its not fair on her that I picked on her but she made it so easy. I think I will get a pie dish when I wake up again.

Clover is due soon...

Lulz of the day:

[13:30]  Yui Senjouhara: That kiss was so good, we gave him a ghost a boner.

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