Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lost, found, alone

[The Fallen world]

Down there, down there its terrible. I'm surrounded by four walls with no way out, its dark there's no light, there's no sound, no contact from others who had been thrown down from heaven. I was alone. I remember screaming, throwing myself against the walls, clawing at the surfaces with nails that had become claws. All the while I screamed as I tried to get out.  How long did I rage at being captive? How many days, weeks, years, centuries? I'm considered a danger to everyone because I been made psychotic, suppose they were right as I injured myself frequently on the unforgiving walls. Strange how one loses all sense of time, and in it has a complete loss of sanity once and for all. A gibbering wreck wanting blood, alone in the dark surrounded by four walls.

I forgot myself, I forgot heaven, I forgot my name.

My purpose however remained.

Chaos, blood shed, pride...

And then... Everything cracked open, I crawled out to the surface world. A place ripe with sin, emotion and order I wanted to smash.

Many things have happened since I got out of Hell. My first host was a lovely creature, she was not easily subdued however and I merely slumbered. I think she knew she was no longer alone in her own body, but acted normally despite my presence at the back of her mind. I needed time to gain strength from my long imprisonment on my own, while she wandered around I slept, gained information, I grew. I was happy to be free. However she ended up being smacked upside the head with a hammer carried by a red headed woman, that was when I was able to wake up to take over the body to shift it to my form crafted by my time in the cell. Safe to say that woman hadn't expected to be attacked by one such as myself, though still weakened I managed to put up a good enough fight. A house is now minus one window.

Over the course of my time on the surface I have gotten in to trouble which, is a most delicious thing to do. I have found I like to eat pride, pride links with wrath when wounded, and someone who prides their appearence often makes lust. I hate lust. I had been on my own trying to find others who were like me, not the angels for though we were once kin they are now hated. Like how human families always have one disgusting uncle, they exile him from their presence. That is what it is like with the angels, those twats who stayed in heaven to blindly follow God. Fights were a common thing, I was chasing a man who resemembled a beast known as a pig a thing domesticated by humans. I was shot by some interfering woman who I then attacked til she misted, insane at the time I didn't bother to question it so intense was the need to hurt something.

I also tangled with two groups of angels at two seperate occasions, the last encounter ended up with the loss of my host. I was forced to flee it to find another for me to take over, lest I go back to the depths from where I came from. Oh there was this amazing demoness called Sasha I forget her full name, but she invited me to visit Veritas where the demons live! In the porn shop used to be Crio but she's gone now, I miss Crio I also miss Berith or Pieter that I met. He helped me out after I got chocolate in my hair, because for some reason I thought a chocolate teapot would make a great hat. We all hung out together to do all sorts of crap, it was fun but they're gone now and Pieter is in some other faction. I think he ate the demon that was in him, Missy wouldn't explain it.

Missy is a lust demoness she likes to get all hot and bothered, when ever she's getting naughty I don't want to be around. Her lust is forcefed to me that makes me horny, I have no wish to go copulate with some poor sap. That's what tails are for. Mephis and Oriax are a couple they both have their amusing qualities, in order to keep up to date with news I got my self employed in to their services. Aegis Security what a perfect job! Oriax is occasionally annoying he keeps trying to convince me to do dirty things with him in alleyways, recently he's taken to try leaping on to my back after the stones incident. He's... "Special". Mephis is the more sane of the two but I have noticed he can go a bit nuts as well, I've grown on that demon like a cancerous growth but Mephis is a good friend. Anyway I'm going off track I think. There was this other demon called... I will recall his name when I see him but he always appears to be haggard, as if his host can't cope with whatever demon resides in there. He must be of immense power to make that happen, or just incompetant and can't take over. I like Annika, Pi, Cember, Missy and Sam... Though Sam  has moments of where I feel he's a complete ass, but otherwise he looks after the family. Kaze aka The Advocator was the one who suggested I become a Fury, in that role I have done a lot that has been appreciated. Kaze has gone now so has Sasha, I heard the angels dismembered  her. Butcher was also lost to the angels despite the amount of information I gathered to try and orginise his rescue, we're broken now not as united as we used to be. That will change we will become whole again soon.

I missed something... Oh the shelter where Adin, Elijah and Bastian are. Adin is an angel he's Elijah's lover, Elijah is a demon maybe that's why Adin acts part demon. Unusual for an angel but that is proberly why I like the pair of them, Bastian however is an enigma though he's a clergy man of sorts he's in to romance novels and used to be dead. Ugh those two though soon as Adin gets frisky he doesn't care who's watching, he's all over Elijah and the demon lets it happen. Proberly for shits and giggles... They hump more than rabbits do!

My web over the city has been sprung and I'm still working on it, when my madness allows me to be sane I can get a lot done. How do I know I'm even insane? I have gained relations/contacts within the House of Kallium, I'm rather fond of Zekk the vampire prince. He's creepy I like that and he has sharp, pointy things that can cut people. I've seen his wrath, tasted it but we work for eachother for mutual benefit, I do tasks for him and in return I can have favours or gain information that is much needed for the demons.  Though I believe he tricked me last night. I'd been invited to see something that would make me happy, the general talk when it began was to lure in The Retriever that grabs marked souls. I think Pi and I had gleaned that once there they would then lure in angels to rescue the captives the vampires had, then the spiked demon would eat them all for the benefit of a good show. However I been asked to make illusions to hide the mass of people from sight except Cassandra, I did as I was asked because I wanted to see the angels suffer. Once Retriever had shown up the command to subdue the beast was cracked out, at this point I was too drained to be angry over the trick at all. I never got to see the angels suffering I passed out, I just hope that when Pi reported back she skipped over the illusion part.

I was tricked...

Two can play that game!

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