Saturday, 10 March 2012

Back to glory and catch up

(Toxian Timeline - Convergence of both time-lines, Risen virus goes dormant when in Toxia)

I  haven't written anything in a while not because I had no time but because I've been lazy, I suppose I should alight upon what's happened in the past month or so. Magpie who I have now dubbed as traitor who turned me angel, is still to have the shock of his lifetime since I'm now back to  how I'm meant to be. Fate is a fickle bitch and the fact I have two prophecies surrounding me doesn't help, I've also never been told these prophecies at all so I don't give a fuck.

Full moon is out that means the wolves are all being whores with each other or who they can find, long as they stay the fuck away from me I have no need to sneer at their own disgrace. Animals fucking animals that haven't learned to go above their own instincts, yeah just cos you turn in to a wolf doesn't mean you lack that human part of you. Anyway I'm off the subject so full moon and I been slinking about the shit-hole island again, I often find the pang for old friends is what drives me to the place for I wouldn't return otherwise. I met up with Savannah and Dracon, it looked like Sav was already severely hurt.

Dracon took us to the Pit to perform the ritual to make me a demon again, I was curious and afraid at the same time. He called up what appeared to be a type of Hellish dragon, then I recalled Dracon himself was intertwined with Leviathan. In that respect its no wonder I took a great liking to the demon as we both shared draconic traits in some fashion, and it wasn't til after the event I learned Dracon had taken on physical attributes of a dragon just as I do. I remember being told my angelic body would be eaten when my heart was removed, my heart is a most precious thing it has survived at least three body transplantations already. It holds my essence or did before I was turned angel, it was after I was gone from the realm the angel part of me died altogether...

I woke up in Hell chained to a wall left to starve, left alone except when Lucifer's minions came in to offer me pain. Pain here is a terrible thing for it neither satifies or causes pleasure, it is intense causing terrible agony. The same with sex though I craved it only as a last resort, I was copulated with several times to the satisfaction of his imps and not my own. Instead it left me empty, humiliated and more alone than ever. I've been down here for months suffering at my uncle's whims as punishment for stealing from him, I'm Blueray's essence while she is on the surface being an angel I'm separated from her. We were re-united when she died, our agony increased ten fold at that moment. My head sagged against my chest all hope of getting out of here gone, now whole once more I shared my pain with the part of me that had been missing.

A voice called out my name that was familiar to me on many levels, I lifted my head and the chains that bound me fell away. I was free... The voice kept on calling me so I followed it more out of curiosity than anything else, I also wanted to get away from Lucifer that terrifying uncle Janvier told me never to see. From the depths of despair I flew out of the Hell mouth itself, taking on the form of a large black dragon that dove to my heart vessel. It took me all in every drop of me then I was replaced in to a new, blank body. A body that I took over without having to fight for it and Dendra was still with me also, a body that I moulded in to my liking with my features. A brand new body, hello born again virgin... Really need to stop doing that!

Course it was after I  had settled that we began upon making Sav a demon too, she protested but had little strength to do so. Dracon made a bargain with the Kali as I perceived to be one of the many names Death itself took, for Kali is a Goddess of Death and sex and is Death not one of the greatest deities that abound? Is not sex the best pleasure on Earth? Sex and death are closely related. Death and I have a strange relationship after it took me over, Lorne may have "vanquished" it and removed it from me but Death is never vanquished. The deal was struck Dracon gave Sav part of his heart that whole gesture seemed far too familar to me, then he asked me to feed her my blood which I done. I left soon after the change had been done, didn't want to see the two get in to a fight.

A short time after my initial change I returned to see the two, I asked Dracon to return my dragon headed hammer to me also known as Shadowblade. Once I had it back in my grip I did a few moves with it, it was like the weapon had never left my hand and the runes glowed brightly on the handle. We then made our way to the church, found us some angels to harress. Course one of them seems to think its a good idea to keep laughing at me, so I half crushed her under the ground leaving her shaking in her boots. The other angel got a lucky blind shot off at me, I was already sinking in to my shadow and past caring.

Savannah's side of events

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Jules: No no you're right, you're not a pervert. You're a provert,  you're really good at it!

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