Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Its been a long time again since I got this journal out, while I'm sitting here at Asylum I might as well write something. I can never find the time anymore I'm always busy but this just means bigger updates, anyway its Christmas now here in Charm and its my first one. Only I'll be spending it alone I guess...

The storm that hit us last week plunged us in to darkness as it took out the electricity, food is running low there hasn't been any supply trucks to the city for a while now. To top it all off there are some sort of weird ghosts in the snow, it sings and stops your magic from working. One of them attacked me it left a burning handprint on my throat, Leif healed it its scarred but barely visible but its strange that it scarred like that. The thing had entered the manse it was looking for someone, I won't mention any names its all sacred vampire business. That's what is happening currently here in the city, I miss my family I don't know where they've gone. I miss Alastor too but Leif says he's staying warm at his house, they have a fireplace that must be nice and cosy.

Oh right if its dark how am I writing in the first place? Well for now the magic works so I made a fireball to see by, I'm at the bar with pen in hand and a bottle of vodka nearby. Lets get in to the what's been happening to me since my last entry.

Kalium fell after Zekkiel left as the Prince it took only two weeks, this was right after I won the Battle Royale of magic only. I beat a mage. However my prize had been rigged to unleash a potion that made everyone in to their true form, you bet none of us were pleased at being angels again in anyway. Alastor was the grumpiest of the lot of us at the feathers he had got, luckily it didn't last long and soon after the new Prince fled after he tore the faction apart. You can bet we got a lot of vampires joining us for a while, until the tattered remants of it were being pulled back together again. Then they all left. It has slowly been rebuilding ever since, I'm sure it will be full glory again once more.

Not too long ago just last month in fact I had the Exalted coming after me, demanding to know about my sword and telling me Shiloh wishes to speak with me. Two of them I sent packing both injured and had been waiting for the next wave of angels to come after me, it was as if the action had dried up and I got disappointed in the fact they stopped. In the meantime I suppose there is a traitorous Efreet to hunt down and kill, I will be extremely pleased when I finally achieve that goal.

Yeah... Spending Christmas alone today, Merry fucking Christmas.

Lulz of the day:

[13:00]  Blueray Darkes: Its hot chocolate
[13:01]  Blueray Darkes: Will there be marshmellows in it?
[13:01]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: Come now.  This is the Kalium.  Of course there will be marshmallows.  We're not savages!

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