Monday, 11 June 2012

He did what?

[Fallen world]

I've had one hell a day yesterday that's for sure, I had found the Rev in order for me to exact some vengence. Things didn't go as planned at all, the mutated thing that he is had skills I was unaware of. Sure I've seen him melt in to fridges and walls, but I had no idea he could try to fuse with living things. That's what happened. Soon as I was going to wrench an arm off he became an oozing mass, that wriggled its way in to my host's body. Once inside he explode some of my organs, not massively important ones but they had their own things that are dangerous for the body when let out. I used fire to cover my body to burn him out, he came out of my back causing several holes that bled profously.

Unlike some of my kin I don't leave the host until its dead, it takes me forever to change back as I got to get the legs fixed. Sadly the more I shift and break the bones the more calcium builds up around the bones, by that time the host would be unable to walk and it would be time to get a new one. I'm always loathe to leave a host it provides me with a shell, along with an anchor that usually keeps my mind somewhat stable. The Rev and I ended up badly hurt me from my internals and holes, him from the fact he was so badly burnt. That didn't stop us we were going to carry on fighting til one of us gave up, I won the battle by impaling him on earth spikes but not before he got an axe in to my neck. Just about as I was going to finish him off for good, some people showed up to stop me and began to protect him.

One of them was a cloud or mist I can't remember but I think she was the nun, I seen that same form in the library in the haze of red I saw for days because of the red light. There was a winged woman proberly an angel, and some pink haired chick I remember calling a tadpole. The mist threatened to sufficate me, I threw myself off the edge of the building I'd been fighting on. That's when Annika found me with the mist woman standing over me going to make good on her threat, don't worry grey cloud I'll remember you and then you're going to get it. Annika had scared the woman away thank fuck for that, then I saw Uri was with her that arrogant, fucking bastard. Was not up for his crap today at all... And yes I'm a badass but you try being in a host body with EXPLODED ORGANS!!! I guess he knew how badly I was fucked up on the inside due to that because he stopped making snide remarks, Annika told him to start healing me but all he could manage was to scab me over and stop the internal bleeding via holding my stuff together.

I mean okay we've been butting heads for a while now showing eachother we can both be mind fucked, the fact is if I really wanted to I could unleash half the city on him and be done with it all. Why go to all that effort for just one demon? He gave up what he could to keep my host going, Annika finished it off telling me I would be sore for a few days so no shifting or fighting... She's right about that my body aches but its the ache I can live with at least, then she drops a bomb on Uri and I telling us we got to work together. Work together?! Okay I mean I know she wants to capture a couple of people, but seriously work with that arsehole? He doesn't even want my help or my contacts, he thinks I'm just some ingrate that he can kick around like a football. Well fine if he comes BEGGING for my help I might give it to him, I don't have much of a choice really I owe them both and Annika is an elder Fury...

I really hate my life.

Lulz of the day:

[17:12]  Roan Lighthouse shouts: I don't think you understand... THAT GIRL RUINED SOME OF MY INTERIOR WITH HER VAGINA!

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