Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Giant flying fish monsters, bombs, losses and promotions

Zekkiel is gone...

An hour before the demon meeting I was at the manse, at last time to get my wings fixed but time had other plans. There's a loud explosion as a bomb goes off, I remember looking at eachother then going to his office. Course I had to go in to that metal box and I freaked out, but I think the situation helped keep me level headed. Almost.

The entire office was a wreck soot from the bomb everywhere, a large hole blasted the wall and door that led on to his balcony. Yui was in the rubble injured and passed out, right next to her was Zekkiel's sword, monocle, flesh and blood. I didn't think there's enough of it to suggest he got exploded, it was only a small part so maybe just maybe he's alive somewhere. Only no one else is thinking that way at all, they're all thinking he's dead and maybe he is but I want to hope he's alive. I've had enough losses already that wound my heart though I never admit it, Mephis is gone out in to the wastes probably dead, Vincent is gone too but that loss cuts the Prince as well. I'm not sure if Berith is gone or not, but his absence affects me also in a way.

I helped to move Yui to the infirmary down in the crypts I said a few quick goodbyes, told Fiona to start organising help for those who might be injured then I had to go. The demon meeting bought up news of another loss, Sam had left us and there was no reason given as to why. Despite his emotionless attitude I like Sam, I know his leaving was hard on Annika whether she admitted it or not. We got a new second his name is Alastor I never seen him before until today, I also got a promotion I'm on the council now as head of the Furies. I got people to train now too! Once that was done I gave my news of the flying fish monster that attacked me, and that Zekkiel is gone presumed dead or missing. Faust is pretty ill he keeps throwing up, this is why I hate human hosts. They're so fucking gross.

After the meeting I found Kigh standing around with Myrrine, some emo looking fag I seen before and a giant ass-twat. Kigh hadn't even gone home yet so I had to tell her what happened, the re-action was instant she got all emotional on me. Then she dumps the whole lot on me for me to eat and thank fuck I've been starving, I been out for a whole week not even fed so this was a bonus. Anyway I took her home to find out I was telling the truth, I wonder how many more people are in mourning. I hope Valen is keeping things under control until Yui is healed, thinking about it Yui would know if he died or not. She was there when it went off... I'll ask her later.

Lulz of the day:

[16:24]  Blueray Darkes: Dom got hungry thinking of  handjobs...
[16:25]  Spicy: Thats your cue, Blue
[16:26]  Blueray Darkes: No I won't go make him a sammich
[16:26]  Dominic Darkmatter: lolol

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