Thursday, 30 August 2012

The long winded entry

I'm going to start with last weekend that Zekkiel returned home but still had a limp, he was mostly healed and everyone in the manse was happy to see him back. He came home at perfect timing it was also him who set up this baby shower, the shower was held on Sunday and I vow I have never seen so much pink. I hope I never see that much again, my fucking eyes burned. There was showering in baby blood that disappointed me, but I did manage to scare the shit out of the albino human. Cute as she is I couldn't help myself! Earlier in the week I had invited Alastor to the party in order for him to meet Zekkiel, I knew the prince would want to see the new second in command. As predicted though Alastor pissed him off, shouldn't be surprised the man pisses me off to no end. Clover tried blood bonding me to stop me from eating her baby, and Alastor had a run in with Elijah because the golem looks a lot like Adin... Maybe that's Oriax's fault...

Right after the baby shower there was a sacred ritual that I got invited to, I attended it in mask and robes among other Kalium members who had been invited also. I was the only outsider among them I really shouldn't call myself that, after I became the ambassador the vampires have been a second family to me. I should perhaps say honoured guest? The ritual was to sacrifice the mage known as Talaith for her crimes against Zekkiel and the Kalium, we shed our blood to spill upon the floor and all of us but one offered up forgiveness for her crimes. She blew up the prince she doesn't deserve forgiveness, besides that shit is for angels to do as demons don't forgive. Right before she died completely the walls and floors bled, and a dreadful prophecy fell upon our heads that the prince would kill his entire household and burn the manse down. I don't believe in such shit he was the one man keeping the manse and vampires going, anyone who believes the dieing words of a mage is a fool. Though I have become curious about their blood god and wish to learn more, its references like these along with the name Lydia that make me curious about this cursed race.

During the week I made a vow to Clover to not eat her child or family, I even got down on one knee and said my true name. Only Clover heard it as Yui was preoccupied with sexually tormenting Pusher, who did seem to like it a lot and I've become worried if the woman is woman at all or man trapped in a woman. Mostly because Pusher had a strap-on on... There was a meeting between demons and the lycans Akiel and Sayde in order to discuss war, Alastor has decided to base this war on our alliance with vampires and the fact Pack tortured me. According to Akiel the Pack alpha those who tortured me are no longer pack, the declaration of war is void and moot but needless to say the report loving golem pursued the war like a dog in heat. Once the two had left Oriax gave me my own pet rock to keep, he told me this one talked a lot and it will help me hear it a lot easier. Its a smooth obsidian stone, I called it Oliver as the name starts with an O as does the type of stone it is. Oliver now rests in my belt pouch near my hip at all times, except when I've shifted. Alastor makes Oliver scream at me... I was also told to babysit our new librarian called Nigel, if I could spit fire I would have done.

Walter finally manifested. In case you don't know Walter is a skull in the candy jar, on display in the manse's parlour, he has now gotten himself a ghostly body in order to float about the manse sucking up sanity like a Cthulu. When I met and spoke with him I could feel my sanity slipping away every minute, sanity is a precious thing to me yes I enjoy being in my madness but recently I've needed to stay sane. The release of the sane boundaries was a small blessing for me, I perhaps needed the break more than I let on in the first place. I've decided I only love Walter for his skull and madness, for there is little else he can offer except companionship. He's a ghost he can live with it!

There are some things that even I'm unwilling to write about. I will omit these for the benefit of myself mostly, I will say that I was ecstatic when Uri got hurt in the battle against the Abyssal demons. I'm even happier we injured several angels in the process of that battle, but they can't do shit about it as we were attacking the invaders too. Collateral damage birdies! Uri has a new tentacle form I have dubbed him Squiggles, I also now refuse to raise to his bait as I got more important things to do. I will also say that Narci came up to me to ask if I could sneak him in to the manse to look at teasets as he's looking to buy, he wanted to check their worth before even considering buying anything. I thought nothing of it and suggested if he wanted to see them that badly, then I can get him through the door in an honest fashion rather than a deceitful one. Anything to make sure our alliance stays strong, I'm just glad he didn't get us killed by Yui when he told her she has grey hairs!!! Along the same lines of that oddness, Lix asked me if I knew any Charm celebrities so she can get their autograph.

Shinya is a nosferatu from the manse it was an odd thing that he invited me to come break the mind of his childe Thursday, I was more than happy to aid him in this as Thursday's snivelling after the ritual pissed me off. As I was about to head off to Thursday's apartment Oriax appeared being spat out of the pavement, he looked worse for wear since I adore the imbued greatly I went to assist him. However he said he needed to eat me and my magic was torn from me like taking candy from a baby, also at the time Nigel was trying to leave Veritas without a bodyguard. I had enough to deal with so let him off the hook and took Oriax home wit the help of Lula, Nigel decided he was annoyed at being babysat and returned to the Veritas library. Oriax informed me he ate my magic as he needed to, I got little else out of him and made him go to sleep as he sank in to the ground he says “Don't let the lycans.” Don't let them what? Done with that I proceeded on my original course to the apartment and met up with Shinya, Vector and Rina. Thankfully my magic had returned some by the time we began breaking Thursday's mind, it took a long time and a lot of her screaming I was pretty much drained at the end of it. So you can understand when I passed the garage and Akiel decided I wasn't worth the attack, lycans are pretty odd if he had been a demon he would have attacked anyway. Akiel said he was going to poke things up my butt, I hope that never happens.

With a week of peace between us and lycans Alastor saw fit to ask me to start training everyone in Veritas, a heavy task I was unsure I would be able to accomplish but had to do anyhow. He also asked me to stay at Veritas more and to stop spending most of my time at the manse, he knows my job there is important but right now I got things to do. Task set I was committed to it... Zekkiel finally managed to leave the manse to come see our lab, he was awed by its magnificence and extremely pleased we had such an awesome lab. I made Lula our new hell-hound recruit stick around to meet Zekkiel, I'm trying to get her to overcome her bred in hate and its going to take some time. I might have to take her to the manse with me on occasion when I go for official business, I want to see how far I can push her before she shifts and goes rampaging. After the lab I took Zekkiel down to the dungeon as Alastor had made Oliver scream once again, I led my dear friend down to where we're keeping Shamus. Shamus is a lycan one of the LeBlancs and currently gracing our cells, because Alastor wanted a pet so he collared him. We arrived while the golem was torturing Shamus and found out it was him who gave the layout of the Pack den, hearing him scream so loudly got me pent up and that made me angry. Same thing happened at the ritual after the prince tore out Talaith's heart, only I didn't deal with it I took it out on Thursday by slamming her against a wall. Zekkiel saw I was getting angry as before I went off to go sleep he gave the finger he had been wearing, he thanked me for showing him around and said I shouldn't be angry. If he only knew my anger came from my frustrations perhaps he would understand, I got all serious, bowed and told him he was welcome it really was a pleasure to show him my home. I found a place to sleep but before that I had to relieve some pressure.

We almost caught the traitor Minna but she managed to be taken away, mostly because Akiel showed up and for some reason he seemed to be more powerful than usual. I really didn't want to tangle with him as one I didn't want demons injured, and two I didn't want me injured either as I had a training session to do. From what I could see of the alpha if I fought him today I would have been seriously injured, and possibly have something up my arse curtsey of a hell-hound. Alastor missed the training session even though he was meant to be a target, for some reason he never showed up for the entire day and that's odd as he loves his paperwork more than himself. Not many showed for the training either but I taught those who did turn up, it was rather successful and I'm really pleased with Kali's progress. I recruited a greyman it was then that the bloody golem showed up acting grumpier and weirder than normal, course this pissed me off specially when he tells me he'll buy me shirts that fit.. I like this shirt. The reaction I got out of him about what Uri did two months ago was a shocker, the entire ground re-acted to his anger that's something I've never seen before. Even though he was being entirely weird we agreed to do the Veritas warding and tactics talk tomorrow, it will probably be done after the day's training session.

So much to do...

Lulz of the day:

[18:36]  Blueray Darkes: Walter isn't gay though
[18:36]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: I can talk to straight people.  Geez.
[18:36]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: Wait a minute...
[18:36]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: I'm arguing about the sexuality of a skull....with Blueray.

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