Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I am.... an abomination.

Down in the depths of Hell when Delrith as his human self craved power, his body was unable to be corrupted and thus a body was created for him. Mephisto fashioned a form made from several demons, in its chest placed a heart of a Hell-born Dragon. Its blood molten lava and to hold the thing together with demon essence and a human soul, thus the human was ripped from his earthly body and placed in to the new construct. Delrith Bolero son of Mephisto was born, the power of the demons that made him his to command. And his soul corrupted beyond saving, until the day he saved himself.

I remember the day his body was souless nothing more than a beast, a raging creature with no bounds to hold it until they shoved Dev in there. Good thing to or he would have fallen apart without a soul in there, things became normal again once they could soul swap them back around.

Belial is a Prince of Hell his brother is Lucifer who rules over the kingdom of demons, the black demon has a personal war that has been fought for centuries. Perhaps it was the desire to take over the surface world and these endless fights, that caused him to try and break free from the bonds of Hell. Belial's foe is the Arch duke Mephisto, but now the duke has no one to fight for Belial is sealed in a stone.

I'm an abomination to my own kind...

Never before is there a demoness like myself, I say Picket is the closest to me but even then I say it to make myself feel better. No one is like me I'm a perfect combination of two demon bloodlines, though the Belial line overpowers the line of Bolero. When Delrith gave me half his heart he inadvertly passed over some of the demons that made him, Joah said she could hear them screaming inside me wanting to be free.

Blood, essence and heart of Janvier the one who spared me a fate worse than death, he completed me so I wouldn't waste away. Pieter helped he gave me a soul to eat, when I needed to keep going. So yes I'm powered by Belial and I stand proud on that fact every fucking day. I've also have fiend in me because of Delrith I understood the tongue he spoke in, he said they come for me drag me to Hell and take back the pieces I'm made of. I will never be free to just live my afterlife, I will be made to suffer for what he did for what Janvier did.

You want to always be free and uncaged?

I'm always free

I've got power, freedom, a place to call home, people to call family. I do not need anything else. I am a child of Janvier, a grandchild of Belial.

Still an abomination, for my flesh is of a fiend.

Lulz of the day:

[16:43] Arthores Faulkes: anyway just wanted to make sure you were told about it, night man *sings you to sleep* what is love? baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me....no more! HA!
[16:43] Pieter Seelowe: GRRRRRRRR!~


Denenthorn said...

*Chuckles* Abomination eh? hehe well now I don't feel so alone in this cold Hell as I did a few seconds ago

Blueray Darkes said...

Haha Magpie