Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Return of Reaper

Sometimes just sometimes things actually happen around here, and when stuff happens it does it with a bang. Tonight was one of those times and I happened to be around, I always seem to be around when shit goes down but that's just me.

Denenthorn was first to contact me via a mind link, odd I know he had done it before but I never pondered on how he could use it. The previous time he did it I was not in the best of moods, for everything he told me was about my brother. Most of my communication relies on the Shadow link between me and the Shadows, but there is another mental path if someone knows its there they can use it. Maybe thats what he used as he asked me if he could heal the Nareth, I couldn't care what he did to her to me she wasn't important. To me that wasn't the same Nareth but any and all Nareth belong to Legion.

Nareth had been hurt by the red skin Pontifex and obviously left to die there after, I had stalked in to the library to hear that she wouldn't stop feeding. It must have been extremely serious for her to take large amounts of blood, I half taunted them saying she should die since she had already died before. Grrbrool got all uptight telling me to piss off or call Legion, much as I enjoy calling out the broken one I at first refused. Not my problem not my concern but being Nareth is Legion's toy, I relented sending out a message to Lorne even as Denenthorn protested in my head about making Legion come. Too much chaos even for him, this coming from what he is HA.

I offered my blood to heal her now they refused me, I was going to taunt them further but an angel distracted me and led me outside. Pretty little thing a new Omegan in their midst full of innocence and naivity, I don't really like white wings they drive me nuts with their aura. For once I managed to hold back the urges of ripping her apart, there were other things going on when Lorne showed up I went back inside. Perhaps not the best of ideas of him to bring Brianna with him, he sent her away when it got to dangerous for her. As he worked on healing the Nareth I fed quietly on the chaos all about the room, after the extremely large burst of fire that came from the wounded woman the books went nuts.

Books flew off the shelves and began attacking all non Omegans in the library, I simply ignored them whatever damage they do to me heals so I didn't care. The library spirit was stressed its mood not helped by some interfering Kindred, nor was it helped by some curious Shadows that came by. Eventually though Denenthorn ordered all non Omegans but myself out of the library, the books resettled back upon the shelves once they had all gone.

However even in the calming quiet all was not right specially not with Denenthorn, his peacock blue eyes went violet just for a second. That wasn't all his shadow was not of an angel it was now demonic in apearence, my own shadow poked and prodded it while making a large fuss. Before I left I asked about the silver razor that had appeared around his neck, he said he was looking after it guarding it. It once belonged to Nareth..

Somehow all these things are connected, I'm going to tell Picket about Denenthorn.

Lulz of the day:

[16:41] Brianna Willenov: whats totally worth it o.O
[16:42] Blueray Darkes: Cutting kitty cats
[16:43] Brianna Willenov: Making meow mix? :D
[16:44] Blueray Darkes: Yes made from real meows

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