Saturday, 17 January 2009

Messing around

It wasn't until after I woke up that I put some of the pieces together, Grr had said he was talking to Hatter the other day. Hatter was meant to be gone along with Reaper, but both had returned and when my mind kicked in to full gear. Perhaps they returned because Picket ate her own soul, the fact it happened only after this is far more than coincedence.

I would need to talk to Denenthorn on the matter.

And I did. Only he refused to admit they were back at all, he was in denial and I was enjoying by messing with his mind. He told me not talk about Nareth getting hurt, or the fact she called him grandfather. I goaded him until he had got angry enough for his wings to come out, one white wing one black wing its why I called him Magpie. After I handed him two feathers he called my accusations childish and stormed away in to his portal, I left the library laughing hard.

Love is....

I had dropped to all fours my hands touching the pavement, feeling the concrete under my palms. My fingers curled slightly I scratched the ground with my claws, this was something familar it was simple. I bunched up my body feeling every muscle go tense, begining to feel like a spring wound too tight. My legs pushed me forwards it took a few seconds before I coordinated, hands and feet I almost tumbled head over heels. I got my stride back I was running like I used to, often times I love to run more out of hyperactivity than anything else. Sometimes running helps get my thoughts to straighten out, I had recently asked Omegans about what love is.

Perhaps I was confused on the matter myself, I had an ache that couldn't be fixed. Yes they said it is possible to love more than one, possible to have love that hurts and possible to love and lost. As I ran through the city feeling constrained on more than one level, I turned over the thoughts thinking of those I had loved and lost. Thought of the one I still loved, and the one who made me ache.

He still sends shivers down my spine!

Lulz of the day:

[20:41] Stralack Hayek gets cloud out here and he kicks some major butt
[20:42] Blueray Darkes sends out Squall but he just emos in a corner
[20:42] Stralack Hayek: lmao!
[20:42] Blueray Darkes: .... I HATE YOU

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Denenthorn said...

*Pulls out the last of his pennies always willing to hear a thought or two "Penny for your thoughts?" he asks with a mild smirk on his face, those strange dual colored eyes peering more at what was inside and not out....*