Sunday, 1 February 2009

Snow is melted

The journal page is written in two different handwritings, one is Blueray herself [Italic] and the other her shadow [Bold] (Also its a post of a few days events)

The snow is gone melted all over the city, I spent a few hours watching it vanish from sight not even slush behind. I remember the city I grew up in all the snow would melt and be slush, there was none of that here as if the toxins in the air prevent it. While I stood watching I conversed with Alynna, a demon of reputation that I have seen a few times and once back when I still had fur. I rather like her but some Shadows have an issue with her, apprently she glares at them. They don't understand she's a demoness she acts like one, and I act in kind around so have gained mutual respect to one another.

I guess I spent most of the day talking to her, she was interesting and we discussed mainly demon classes and powers. I told her of Delrith and of Janvier how I was turned, I don't normally talk about that stuff unless I feel like it.... Ah well, I moved on.

Library... Always this place but my mistress is right it has been a center for chaos, and she needed a meal she was starving. Staring at the fireplace Denenthorn greets her sneaks up behind, Dragonheart he calls her I don't know why. Bridgette was here too the human girl my mistress can't kill, watching my mistress and Denenthorn. Bridgette got very insistant that the two kiss and swap spit, mistress spoke of what she needed in order to feed. However with the urgings of the human girl, Denenthorn leant down bundled mistress in to his arms and he kissed her. The response was slow at first she had been taken off guard by it, mistress blushed though I could feel her get hot. My poor mistress has been neglected of late, it is no wonder her desire flared.

There is no greater feeling than temptation, so great that it tends to drown out the love one feels. Source of my temptation is the one my sisterwife loves, the tightrope I am walking on is a precarious one. He kissed me first he drove me in to being tempted by him, I was caught up in his own emotions not mine. Just once I want him just once, and I hear Picket snarling behind me.

Delrith found me I had left the city to find my own personal nesting ground on the mainland, he had come to where I had set my place should be. I was down to three soul stones now I had no proper meal except two days ago from chaos, Delrith fed me gave me a full meal even if the time was restrained. I forgot about Magpie forgot the encounter, all I had in this time and now was the intimacy and love I always held for Del. Love that I had for another and thus now was I in the boundries of polygamy, unsure and scared to invest everything that I am in to one person.

To be honest, why should I?

Lulz of the day:

[11:17] Quiet Thunders: hi blue so do you know where toxia is?
[11:17] Blueray Darkes: No sorry never heard of it
[11:17] Quiet Thunders: ok thanks
[11:18] Blueray Darkes: No worries

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