Tuesday, 20 January 2009

All change

It started out all bloody innocent as most things happen to do, Picket was losing her marbles becoming a cat. What do I do? I throw open the link between Picket and me so I can get her mind back in order, its something I can do much like the communication link between all us Shadows. Only I kept our personal link open too long……

Morning comes along I wake as usual something is a little off, everything looked it was further away than usual. You know because Picket is taller than me everyone would appear shorter in my vision, I shrugged it off since weird things happen all the time in Toxia. How weird can it go when you are called by your sisterwife’s name and not your own? VERY!

Pieter and Shaynee called me Picket, I instantly went on the defensive saying I wasn’t Picket. Alright even I didn’t know what had happened at first, when they tell me I sound, look and smell just like Picket the things start to click in to place. Course I was getting wound up in the process about this whole thing, the longer they called me Picket the more aggitated I got. Pieter said he could help me told me everything was alright, then his stupid fucking mind trick hit me full force.


Cum clock round two. I was furious I shoved him away from me, the one person who I figured would have known it was me didn’t. Last time he did that to me he told me I had to ride it out, I would have been able to stop him if I was in my own body. Much as I know Picket’s body on the outside the inside of it was completely alien to me, her mind was an unguarded thing and she had no mental barriers to protect even my own since I was bloody well inhabiting it now. Running from him and Shaynee I went to the FishCo explaining to Quiet what Pieter had done, course she laughed but took me or Picket not sure at this point inside.

First one hit…. Picket or is that me shows up instantly freaks out calling me a pod person, whatever the fuck a pod person is. Far too wrapped up in what was happening to us to even stop and ask, we went outside showed her our reflections. We tried fighting eachother we had gotten that bitchy, she also wasn’t pleased what was happening to her body. Today was fucked up from the start I didn’t need anymore trouble, heading to the voodoo proved fruitless since Elroy wouldn’t help us. Fine to the library then. Our wanderings were stopped by Pieter who figured it would be funny to taunt us further, I was already pissed at him and his stupid ramblings of who was who just got on my nerves. Eventually we got away from him and you think that things should calm down, but oh no.

Inside the library was Nareth, Grr, Redd, and Denenthorn, I don’t exactly know why but I started smoking in the place. Right aftere that the third orgasm hit me nice I had a show again, Picket got riled by Nareth she actually went for the chair bound girl. More trouble ensued Denenthorn even had to put his foot down, fourth orgasm hit by the fireplace and Pieter howled with laughter. His laughing echoed in my head but eventually I was subdued since he told me to follow him home, I uttered a “Yes my lord” and trailed after him back to the Pit. Picket wasn’t happy he called us bitches she went nuts and left, I followed her beat her ass down and took her back. It was Pieter who changed our essences over back to our rightful bodies, we’re still on her shit list and though I was concerned for Pieter he was still on my own shit list.

I was barely in the mood to make hassles in the library, Redd annoys the fuck out of me and I sat outside on the lamp post calling someone. They never answered their phone I needed to talk to someone, I figured they were the best bet since we had been civil the last time. Eventually I left the library area after Nareth was being a bitch again, she may think she is all that but she is nothing. Rooftops are perhaps one of the best places to be, barely anyone can find you at all when you don’t want to be found. I wasn’t even trying to hide.

Jonathon snuck up behind me not easy to sneak up on a demon who has a shadow that moves of its own accord, it told me he was there and he sat down beside me offering me a pack of smokes. I told him what had happened why I was up here, after he declared Pieter to be a prick he said I needed to confront him since I don’t normally sit back and take shit. As would happen conversation turned to speak of the family we missed, where we would go if we died and who would be waiting for us. I told Jonathon I missed Skyler as he would be the one who re-assured me, hugged me, hit me if I needed it and gave me attention, but without the one I called an older brother I got lost at times. I couldn’t even believe I was showing weakness in front of a Righeous, but he didn’t seem to mind it was like I wasn’t wrong in doing so. Jon said that in the end we all get what we want and what we need, I told him recently I got neither and he suggested a change in company and scenary.

Right now that idea seems really tempting, even demons get weary of the same old thing.

Lulz of the day:

[2009/01/20 15:42] Picket McDonnell is hit with pieters testicle directly in her chest, though she does not react. This body had proven to feel no pain. She just closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, her fury and stubborn streak proving to be a horrid match.

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