Friday, 16 January 2009


I'm not jealous of the women Pieter goes after, I have no reason to be considering how I am. After all I'm married and we cheat on one another, but I didn't want a certain Cont getting near him. She spends far too much in the garage consorting with Dev Bracken, in my eyes that's dangerous so I made trouble.

Told her what I thought and she didn't like that, but I got told off by Pieter for making trouble at his expense. I see it more like at his benefit but we sometimes didn't share the same view, of course arguing in front of six people doesn't make it half the city. I never said that either. I have to behave now or I will be in serious shit, I can do that I just like a little chaos.

I suppose I better find another lover, one that can cater to my appetite, my needs, my desires. Then I think of Pieter......

And my world crumbles

Lulz of the day:

[13:08] Seether Difference turns to the lady in black standing in the street.
[13:08] Cordelia Cuttita nods toward the male vampire standing near the park.
[13:08] Blueray Darkes doesn't do anything but stand in the middle of the street
[13:10] Pieter Seelowe just runs past quietly

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