Saturday, 3 January 2009

Back to Toxia

She walks along the dark path the dust coming up to curl around the toes of her bots, each step taking her further in to the encompassing blackness. The demoness blends in with the pitch black of her skin, her white hair, her blue markings those eyes of hers show up. Her eyes of blue and yellow that glow with hellish light, the cat like pupils wide within the darkness.

Far from being a singularity she is a composite a combination, as she reminds others of her great heritage. Delrith made the flesh, Janvier gave her heart and essence. There are those who whisper she is more than what she has become, the whispers happen to be spoken from more than one source.

Potential always with the potential speech, or the save your non-existant speech.

I halt in my tracks looking back at my burnt down house, I felt my wings twitch involuntary. Putting a hand to my face I walk onwards, the flashes of that night how haunting my waking moments. Whoever that was who did that to me when I find them, I will thank them then I will fucking kill them.

Anyway I have to get home back to Toxia, I miss the Shadows my chosen family. I've been disconnected from the mental link too long, I must have news on what has been going on while I was gone. I miss the endless chatter of their voices in my head, all I got right now is the silence or my own thoughts. No worries tomorrow I will be at the docks, and I will set about to make my terror.

~An alluring demoness possesses great beauty, her voice is that of an angel's. For with poisoned, honey words she will lure in her prey, but be warned her heart is blacker than the blackest night. Do not fall for her angelic tones, she will devour you completely. And the blue one is no expection~

Lulz of the day:

[16:34] Artoo Bellic: Hey Rest can I scream in your ear really loud?
[16:34] Restroom Chemistry: being good is bad for your complexion
[16:34] Restroom Chemistry: sure!
[16:34] Artoo Bellic: Ok!
[16:35] Dante Dodonpa claps his hands together loudly and looks to his kitten "FUN TIME!!"
[16:35] Rylie Druth smiles
[16:35] Artoo Bellic runs over to Rest and creams really in his ear "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
[16:35] Artoo Bellic: scream really loud*))
[16:35] Artoo Bellic: ((Hmm
[16:35] Restroom Chemistry: (I prefer it the other way)
[16:35] Rylie Druth: 0.o ))
[16:35] Artoo Bellic: ((Cream in your ear?
[16:35] Bohny Spad: ((lmao-dead))

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