Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What the hell? A plane crash

Not to many days ago some outsider plane crashed on to the South beach, surprising really because I never seen one before. Whoever piloted it was dead and gone, only blood smears left on an empty crate. A kitty recovered the black box handed it to me, I in turn gave it to Meili who ran it to the factory to be cracked open. Once we got the recording it was run to K-Tox, played on air it sounded like something got lose and ate the humans. Unlike the others I didn't shiver or show a sign of horror, I felt a small thrill down my spine relishing what had happened.

I'm still dark no point denying that but my reputation of being feared, that has been lost along with a lot of things I was used to. The city was spending a lot of time seeing if they can find out what was on the plane, it was seen a few time and then the outsiders came to our home. In erm what did they call it? A heli.. copter... Agents of some sort come to collect the thing in the crate, I saw one of them they didn't seem to be comfortable in this place. Who would be unless they were like us who live here?

Pieter visited the factory again this time to use the computers, he was looking up things on distilling and purifying fluids. I questioned him on that but he didn't give me a direct answer, I didn't expect him to since its Shadow business. We hugged before he left me, whispering he wants me in my ear. I went to the window to watch him as he walked on the street, I turned away; for all that he said it wasn't me he needed.

The outside creature had killed Delphina, a Shadow I had known briefly. Or she used to be a Shadow, she left about the same time as Picket did. I didn't want to get samples from her it pained me to do so, I allowed others to get what they needed. In the meantime I got some information from an old friend, that my family was being accused of making the creature. Apprently forty five years ago the TCs had done genetic experiments, this would explain the tanks and cloning facilaties. We had nothing to do with it, he covered my arse and I in turn covered his. Always were a good team, I can see why she loves him so.
Despite the upheavel of the agents and the thing they made, the day was rather peaceful. Surprising I would have thought the residents would be out hunting it, unless they can find its nesting place I guess the hunt for the thing can wait til its den is found. Joy. On this peaceful day I stomped my way in to Haven, gave Cosmo a brief greeting and took over at the dj booth. This is familar something I did even when I was a Shadow, to spin whatever music I feel like on K-Tox. Haven was packed full of people, I gave them songs to party to. A small, brief feeling of joy to hide under, while I view Kitteh and Pieter speaking to one another on the second floor. Right after my shift I headed for the rooftops my metal hooves clomping on the concrete under them, going South I remained oppersite of the Fishco to watch a small scuffle. A male demon mentioned something about discord, I sighed because the chaos was all I needed not too long ago.

Still I adjust for this new human body this mortality, I want to live and keep on living. To make sure that I will always carve my presence in to every century, and the only way to do it so far is to go the full cyberised route.

Lulz of the day:

I will occasionally listen to and follow my advisor's advice. - Evil overlord list

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