Friday, 6 March 2009

Tested, broken ties

She walks from the inside of the Pit the smell of the lava strong around her, that blue tail of hers in this semi form she takes whipping behind her. For once her feet are normal and booted, walking to the door she stood regal, tall and proud between Kishi and Brianna. Upon the steps were Omegans among their number is Joah, Joah who kissed Blue back in the days when they shared such things. Her heart beat faster she pulled her spirit sister to her, in front of the two Shadows she kissed Joah back before shoving her away.

They wanted in to the Pit in to her home, normally she would allow it but the answer had already been set by Kishi. Blueray informed the small group that Kishi as a long standing member her word was better than the blue one, and as such she would not make the Shadows doubt her loyality or her duty by over ruling another.

Stalking in to the Shelter she finds Joah feeding another blood, her temper flared how dare she put her on the spot. It just made her blood boil, even with the curiousity of Nareth's razor around she didn't care. And it happened.

Blueray's refusal to let her in to the Pit, got her rejected by Joah. The demoness howled on the inside, in true demonic fashion declared her dead. For so long she had guarded her now it was done with, she wouldn't look out for her anymore.

I'll rip your fucking heart out

Her words lingered on the air as she stormed out, blinded by rage by sorrow any other day she would have let them in. Leaping to a rooftop the places she sought her solice away from Shadows away from the scum that roam the streets, she drops to her knees putting her face in to her hands and cries. As steadily as she was becoming disconnected from her family, all the ties that kept her here were breaking too.

Tick tock tick tock...

Blueray cried.... and the never ending sorrow consumed her

Lulz of the day:

[19:38] Picket McDonnell checks her e-mail and sees something that says "Dear Autumn we have an offer you can't refuse" hmmm she thinks... could be interesting. She opens it "Is your penis too small" well yes sir it is! Its invisable! I don't think it can get smaller then invisable "pay us $100 and we will send you a miracle pill" wait wait sir that's where you've lost me... I am not paying $100 for pills "But wait! Theres more... we will also send you a fancy elastic thong" WOW! elastic thong? Count me in.
[19:39] Marv Whittaker: ...whast this miracle pill supposed to do?
[19:39] Picket McDonnell: make my penis bigger
[19:39] Marv Whittaker: but.. its invisible
[19:39] Marv Whittaker: isnt that like saying you dont have one?
[19:39] Picket McDonnell: well hopefully it will make it bigger... then it will be super invisable

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Denenthorn said...

I once told you that you shall never lose me... that still stands true, Lady Dragonheart........