Friday, 27 March 2009


In an effort to understand my new family and my new self a bit better, I took myself and Picket over to the mainland. From there we met up with a demon who supplied us both with teleportation spells embedded in stones, the first of which took us to what was known as The Wastelands.

And it is exactly what the name implies, it is a wasteland with sand as far the eye can see. Scattered about are a few dwellings, and mostly piles of scrap metal here, there and everywhere. Seems that the whole thing about cybers is that they scavange, and this was after all the place where the first cyber that stumbled in to Toxian City came from. Picket and I got bored she decided to go home, I however got a call patched in to me from Terrox.

Using the stones we were given I went to Ayin, Picket went back to the factory. In the cyber base of Ayin I was greeted by Terrox, he seems to be doing well for himself in this place and is well established. I told him of the few things that were going on with the TC's and in Toxia, until there was some disturbance downstairs of the place. Interesting that they have tanks where they grow fetuses in, of course I was more interested in gutting in them than letting the things live. A couple of demons had ripped one of the babies out and the female was eating it, Terrox says there is some sort of deal with them. Demons eat what they don't experiment on, and they have to do some things for the cyber group in order to get fed. Unfortunantly they had damaged the tank and Terrox was fuming at them, he got called out though to some further dispute outside. I took that time to leave and head home.

Lulz of the day:

[17:47] DCS2 2.45.2: Carlos Bosatsu is full of fail and ends up accidentally stabbing himself

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