Sunday, 15 March 2009

Where does that leave us now?

She stands in the factory looking out over the city through the dirty window, before turning from it to do a small routine patrol. Only she was called back because of a demon a sniper rifle pointed to Dolce's head, typical of the scene for it to be Jason. Momentary flinching the gun at her own head now, she tries to calm the situation. Jason tells her straight she should have come to the Pit, not spread rumours about him around the city.

Blueray pointed out that anything she said about him using Meili as bait and threatening her, was documented on a tape and was thus fact. They made a deal she stops the rumours he doesn't kill her new people, he said he had beaten up a Convenite. Terms are set and of course the hot headed detective didn't like it, they lacked everything from fighters to members. He wanted to fight he wanted her to use all she knew against them, she couldn't do that she just couldn't and she needed to protect the cybers. Detective stormed out enraged at her because of her decision, she knew deep down she had made the right one and after talking to Dolce on several matters she left for the streets. Good thing she came across Calleigh then, and it was Calleigh who confirmed Jason said the same thing about her faction. Seems someone is pulling strings and for once it wasn't her, his lie was laid bare he hadn't touched a Covenite at all. Typical.

From the alleyway to the beach she walked side by side with a human male, a male she dropped fast when the old call came from home. She didn't think on it she didn't need to, and there he sat in her factory the Lord of Shadows. Her lord. Blueray's heart beat faster in her chest, out of fear for what he might do to her. He cut her off she changed tactics their conversation had bumps in it, she had been edgy for days from the attacks all she wanted was it to stop. Pieter said he wouldn't stop them he wouldn't help them either, it was between her and those three so she was trying to keep the factions out of it. Just wished that detective saw that, that she knew best for the safety of all.

Once more she was standing by the window looking out down South, it was hard enough to keep the cybers trust without being seen with Pieter. The choice is yours he said, go against us or stay a friend. Business is business they both know that, the old rule family before friends. Guess both sides needed to adjust, her to being how she is and the Shadows for losing her. No matter how she tried to shut it out she still loved Pieter, they were okay again not in the same place as before but somewhere different. And when he left he called her Bluebie his pet name he chose for her, and to his leaving figure she whispers "Walk in the Shadows".

Where does that leave us now?

I wish I knew...

Lulz of the day:

[0:14] DCS2 2.42: GrrBrool Lykin OOC: my lady wife laughed . . ..
[0:15] DCS2 2.42: Lorne Harlequin OOC: and what about your male wife? Did he laugh too?
[0:15] DCS2 2.42: GrrBrool Lykin OOC: he logged . .. .

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