Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Restless one

The streets are almost emtpy from the aftermath of the Dagon climax, it was far too quiet again and I ached for some chaos. Something, anything it had to happen, alas far too caught up in my own self to think on making such things. The rooftops are home now more than the Pit, where once I had made my presence known in the city I was now harder to find.

I was glad to see Skyler upon one of his visits to Toxia, I caught him up to date on things. We spent little time together but I cherish it all the same, he noticed I was not as content I used to be. Skyler said if I was ever to leave I should put Hitaroki's book in the safe keeping of another, it took everything I had to not rage at that suggestion. Its my tome and I will keep it, thank you very much.

Even so I spend a great deal of my time alone now, Picket's gone she left the city though I feel it eating at me I can't go. Looking over at the Pit with a deep sigh I would turn from it, in there is my current Lord he who used to be Guardian. It seems the seat is cursed for twice now he has been possessed, and both times I felt like breaking on the inside. I am weak for being in love so I have been told, so let me be weak and let me love let it hurt me for all its worth.

Nothing matters anymore.

Claws of my feet scrape the surface of the ground I walked in, digging and scoring as I dared to walk upon the buildings. This is the city I called home for a year, loved and lost and missing those who left and pining for my sisterwife. Things aren't the same anymore they won't be the same again, where ever I roam is places she used to be and where he still lingers. My family is here, my duty is here and I hoped beyond hope she understood.

I'm torn in two to follow the love I married or to stay for the love I serve.

Lulz of the day:

I will make it quite clear that I do know the meaning of the word "mercy"... I just choose not to show any. - Evil Overlord list!

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Picket Mcdonnell said...

Picket knows what is on her wife's mind. She can feel it. They were connected like that. She sighs and looks through the books, trying to find the right words to say. Finally she opens their mindlink and sends the words "When you’re feeling low, down and out
Just think what our friendship is all about.
No matter where you’ve been or done,
I’m there for you even when others are gone.
The sky may be gray and full of clouds,
But all I see is your smile, not a frown.
Look for the silver lining in all you see.
I miss you so much, but you’re always with me.
You may be in the distance, we’re miles apart.
But every hour of every day, you are in my heart.
Very soon in the future, we will be face to face,
From that moment on, a much happier place.
The past will be gone, it never existed.
The unhappiness we never will miss it.
Life is worth living, hidden strength you are holding.
Our friendship is forever, precious and golden."