Thursday, 12 March 2009

Blue Toaster

Pit is no longer home, they are no longer family. As a matter of fact they have turned on me, and I feel like a traitor though I never betrayed them. I was their Council, their leader when the Lord was absent, doesn't matter now its just grains of sand in the wind. I could have told them all what happened, with their anger and their insults. I had no reason to say anything.

While I stood on the library roof with Runo and some white angel, I got a phonecall from Aaryanna saying Picket was torn up in the graveyard. I had enough bad news with the fact Delrith was gone, and now my own wife had returned to be butchered. I left then to go get her, I took her to the factory to save her. Aaryanna and Brianna followed, while the tank repaired Picket's body Kishi came to visit and I called up Denenthorn.

The tank did its job I set her on the medbed fixing a respirater to her face, new bodies they just can't handle the toxic air not like a person who's been here a while. I went to find more parts to get Picket dressed, those two Shadows were hovering around the bed suggesting they should kill her. No one threatens my wife.. not even old family.

Abomination... I heard that before I used to call myself one, Hell would have called me one because of the two heritages. Now its Kishi who whispers the word to taunt me for what I have become, and I am reminded I have lost my immortality. I prefer Blue Toaster!

Brianna asks for glue and she finds it only to glue Picket's horns to her head, sick very sick but its what she would do. Is this what it is like to be on the other side? I wonder how Quiet coped having her Prowlers targerted by them, seems I'm on the same page as her now with very few to back me up. The Shadows would not leave but at least they wouldn't harm Picket, I got her dressed and fixed and Denenthorn got her soul back for her. In the meantime some Omegans came and Aaryanna called for the Pack, still the Shadows did not leave even when asked or threatened instead Jason showed up. He threw his two cents in too, the one who said he would always be there when I needed him. His back was turned on me too.

I fought Kishi running out on to the street, our fight was longer than before when we had sparred once. I still went down all the same I just can't fight all that well, in my defeat Kishi took my tail melted it right down. Hot metal scroched me in a miniature torture, I never thought I would be treated this way at their hands. My TC's came to me Native took me in to the factory, placed in to the tank to heal my flesh wounds. Fine said she could find scrap metal to make a new tail in a week, Mark II is almost fixed after the damage done to it by an ex member. TC's want revenge, I deny them it because I know better. I know the Shadows I know the members, and I bloody well know what they are capable of. All the information I gathered and all the secrets learned, I will keep with me never telling a soul. I will take it all to the grave, even the knowledge of who the beast is.

For your treachery Jason, there is a bullet with your name on it. I won't tell you who has it, nor will I stop them from shooting you. I don't have to save you, and I don't have to kill you.

Also it may seem I have to push old grudges aside and make alliances where I can, the Pack is right next door though I keep them at a distance. The old Pack who raped and tortured me a year ago is no more, my hate for the lycans will have to die in order for me to move forward.

I'm the Blue Toaster, with a breaking heart.

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125. Lingerie can only snap coincidentally so many times per day. - From 925 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG

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