Tuesday, 17 March 2009

... Stop

She did not flee from the Pit more like she walked calmly away, a few words with Kytara is all she needed before moving on. The few Shadows who accepted her and accepted her place she cherished, the rest were nothing more than creatures snapping at her heels. It was their torments that shattered her, their torments which would have stopped her remaining as a Shadow.

If only Jason could see that if only he could understand that, the pain he gives her with his heated words. She only wanted to make him realise she didn't deserve to suffer in the Pit, that it would have been the end of her. All he can do is call her traitor, demean her in front of Kytara so they battle with meaningless words.

"I should have left you in Hell".

She didn't mean it as in regret more like foresight, she said it out of anger due to the fact he rather treat her like scum. A real traitor would have just struck using their knowledge, instead she only made a strike when they had striked first. These are no actions of a coward either, simply the actions of a woman surviving against the odds.

Why can't you accept me?

Lulz of the day:

[5:36] Goa Sin: ha, look what I got mine to say "I WILL END YOUR WORLD AND YOU KNOW IT! BWAAHH! *LAZERS*"
[5:37] Carlos Bosatsu: XD!
[5:38] Carlos Bosatsu: the day a penguin shoops whoop is the day Blue says "im asexual"
[5:38] Goa Sin: lol
[5:39] Carlos Bosatsu: oook i think the penguine is lost in my hair...
[5:39] Carlos Bosatsu: hrm nope
[5:39] Goa Sin: forget that, it's in your head
[5:39] Carlos Bosatsu: nooooo!
[5:40] Carlos Bosatsu: I KNEW THEY COULDNT BE TRUSTED!

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