Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fire on South beach

Unseen I stood upon the apartments watching the helicopter go past heading for the beach, since the creature had been caught its legs cut off it was immobile. Yesterday there was sloth serum delivered to every faction, good ole Meg so hard working and deligent. It was the serum that got the creature down, used for the benefit of the city. So I thought.

One of the Agents was beaten and dragged to the beach, the other one that was still flying the helicopter tried to get awawy. The thing was shot down and before it exploded the agent lept for his life, only for him to be swarmed by the residents of Toxia. Both agents were dragged to the beach, I moved to the small archway to watch the scene. They were questioned and it was Pieter's voice I heard who whipped the people up in to a frenzy to kill, it was his voice that incited the mainlanders should be burned. All in the name of showing this government they shouldn't have abandoned us, show them what the city is they will die for the mainland's sins.

Agent Hexicola: "Weren't you all mainlanders once"?

His question hung on the murderous air unanswered, my own silent answer was yes we were. Yet here we are calling this hole our home, and here I am unable to stop the deaths about to occur. He didn't beg for his life he asked to go home, slumped over the creature and lamenting about TV. That's when the fire was started the agents and the creature burned, the two human men screamed while their flesh seared and charred. They were burned alive at the stake, though I thrilled at the murder I knew there had to have been a better way. Once the fires died taking the fleeing souls with the flames, I lept from my perch and landed on the sand below. I addressed the mob, asking all those wasn't there a better way than killing them. Pieter piped up telling me not to be retarded, I said when those two don't return to the mainland they will send more. Again it was Pieter who spoke saying then they will deal with them, in the Toxian way and the Toxian fashion. I turned away from them still feigning I was reformed in some way, and I took to the rooftops again.

Turning to where the beach lay a second helicopter flew over, it launched missles at our supply ship blowing it up in a rather large mushroom cloud. Bogac was beside me he saw it too, I whirled on him as I pointed. "See this is it what the actions cost us, we could have had the Coven make up some potions to wipe their minds or the magick peoples to do mind spells". I guess I was seeing the bigger picture I was a thinker after all, the year of being a Shadow taught me to see the waves of consequences of your own actions. Bogac agreed with me but no one thought of it they just wanted the men dead, and now everyone will suffer for the shit they caused to fall on us. The lycan then began to think of ways to defend our city since there will be more to investigate the disappearences, he suggested my cybers could make the weapons needed and he had a large amount of faith in us.

I went to the streets then and just wandered through them, my mind churning with the crisis that was going to happen. Stopping at the garage I saw some Ryders hanging around Duckie, I was invited in I began to talk to them. Duckie had been captive in the hospital so I told him about the ship he uses to get in supplies, I knew about from a few rumours in the city and what Duckie once told me himself. He was distraught if I can put a name to his re-action, I discussed with the Ryder vampires its not just the food you need to worry about. Its the other things everyone uses too such as moter parts, oil, gasoline, ammo, as I listed it off they began to realise what this meant. I gave a few suggestions on how they can help, they got to work on it.

Before I left South Pieter found me sneaking up behind me, his shadow talons gripping my right shoulder and piercing my skin. He threatened me for using sloth serum for the capture, if I didn't stop using it there would be Hell to pay. Remember the Omegan Institute. I should be angry at him for making the mob murder, for bringing this on our heads. Pieter's words run like lava over me, he lulls me saying he misses me.

"I have my memory of us in K-tox, just us and no one else", I said.

Does he want an encore?

I'm not sure but that time those few hours, will never be tainted by the anger, the disappointment, the neglect, the fact he slams his foot down on me when he thinks I got out of line. I'm a different person battling with my darkness, I feel no guilt or remorse for anything I do. Somewhere inside me my desires to do what I used to do to the people, somehow they feel wrong and this makes confliction. I was once feared and hated, I was even desired by the men. Pieter hugs me we talk more after a while he lets me go saying we should move, I tell him I know its because the ex Shadow who was hated shouldn't be seen snuggling with the hated Lord. So he caught me out this time in the game, bad move on my part to let factions use the sloth serum. Like hell I would stop using it if I can get it, just have to be more careful next time. I wasn't a Walker for nothing, I wasn't council for nothing. For all his threats and smooth talking, he has no real hold on me I can do as I please.

I always do as I please, but I will make sure to guard and defend what is mine. Everything can be manupilated to benefit a whole, another lesson I learned well. Hey its not like I'm going to ever become some twisted defender of the city... Fuck that!.

Lulz of the day:

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