Friday, 20 February 2009


Emotions, feelings and anything that did not conform to blackness, is a weakness inside a demon strong as she is. She did not laugh unless she caused pain, she did not smile unless another cried, she did not enjoy unless they had sorrow. For all the discord she carried with her, she was still somewhat flawed in others eyes.

For one she cared...

Whether it be for the individuals of her family or her family as a whole, or those she had connections to outside of it. The fact she cared so deeply was weakness, and she was told this to her face. Emotions will cloud her judgement, besides it was a human trait.

Think of the family as a whole do not endanger their lives for one person, the losses of a few outweight the losses of many. Always, always she must guard the House and think of its safety first, it is not the first time nor it will be the last she is Lordless. It was plainly seen to many that she perhaps, had far too much placed in him. Weak and it is weak to care oh evil one.

Speaking of those she would guard or even trust, she waited in the library eating cookies waiting for Joah. Her spirit sister under threat from one of her own, who she warned that if she sees him harming her there will be Hell to pay. Arthores said he got the go ahead from Lorne, she pointed out she didn't care what Lorne said. Joah is her sister only she could hurt her, he better hurt her when she can not see. Of course she informed Joah of such things, for as all know Shadows come first and foremost. She will not punish what she has not see, once more Joah was reminded of the knife edge she walks on.

Even if she did trust few of the Omegans she would still stab them, Grr had once before asked Blueray to trust him as he trusted her to be what she is. Magpie however was a different matter, and the relationship between them was a stange one. They would tease and taunt one another as was the manner of angel and demon, but often or not they turned to serious conversation. Before she left the library saying she is used to losing everything, he whispers to her that she will always have him. Conversation was long mostly going over how fucked up they both were, then the Pack was bought up and what happened to her through them.

He wants to destroy them all, to wreck the den and bring them down. Him and few others like him would do the same, how such terrible deeds spawned her in to what she is. Alas what is done is done....

Her heart grows weary as she feels her uselessness greaten, they do not need her like they used to. They can make do without her, the last two weeks have proven that. Thus her days here are numbered, all it will take is time. Yet she loves the Shadows dearly, she gave them all that she had....

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