Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Fucking hell today went smooth, erm no not at all fuck that. Myself and my brother Grom captured a cyber, Shallkon who we took home and hung up on a meathook. I barely even begun to torture him, when more cybers decided to bust in and get put down. Right after that skirmish the KA showed up on our front doorstep, they wanted fireworks so Pieter blew up his bike...

Pieter drank from me... I know he said it won't affect him but my blood is like father's, Pieter said my blood is more potent too quoting Picket from last week. I wonder if he will see things.

Once again I met with Picket to tell her what I was told by father, we agreed to work together to get what she needed. Yet at Haven that fucking cyber was at my throat acting like a moron, Dev didn't help by calling me a pussy either. Interesting twist in his attitude, I sorta find it attractive.

Lessons with Lorne at the Pit, boring like watching paint dry. I thought it would be more fun considering Lorne makes me giggle, least I'm learning something useful anyhow.

Lulz of the day:

[20:15] Blueray Darkes bitchslaps Lorne with her bible
[20:16] Lorne Harlequin plies Blue with his enormous spatula
[20:16] Blueray Darkes will not become a blueberry pancake
[20:24] Lorne Harlequin swings the spatula at Blue "You've made me crave blue berries now, you foul pancake temptress!"
[20:26] Blueray Darkes ducks under the spatula while chucking a blueberry muffin at him, "I'm far from foul, I'm rather sweet actually"
[20:27] Lorne Harlequin nom-noms the muffin "Sweet pancake and muffin temptress!"
[20:27] Blueray Darkes giggles
[20:27] Lorne Harlequin looks to Kytara "I'll bet you have some sort of pastry you like to push too."

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